How to look taller when taking pictures?

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You change in the morning, you find yourself wearing something that looks great - very natural. Try taking a full body picture. But when you look at the pictures, you only find yourself short and dumb ?!

However, it is due to the angle of the camera and how you adjust the frame, not where you are. Although your height is modest, the following tips will help you.

How to look taller when taking pictures?


How to look taller when taking pictures?

If you think hard, this is a very simple concept. If the camera captures you from above, your body will appear to be shorter. But if the camera takes you up from the bottom, your body will look longer. This error is often seen in photos taken while standing still. I always tell my photographer to squat / kneel to the ground, so the camera will be slightly up towards me. This will help stretch your legs, making you look taller. The next time someone takes a photo for you, make sure they tell them to kneel!

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How to look taller when taking pictures?

I want to say that taking pictures on a staircase is one of the most dangerous shots. It can make your body look short and very ugly if you do not stand in the correct posture. The most common mistake I get is that people often take "stairs photos" directly. If you do, your friend will look shorter than he is. You always have to create a staircase at an angle of 45 degrees, which helps you to be longer, look slender and taller. You look at the picture above and try to imagine a straight line from my toes to the top of my head. Now, if this same picture were taken directly in front of me, this imaginary line would be shorter. The secret to being taller in the image is to make the imaginary line from head to toe as long as possible.


How to look taller when taking pictures?

The photographer and I are about the same height. But here, I look a little taller. And although we did the "toe point" together, my point was a little closer to the camera and it created an illusion of longer legs. Again, the imaginary line from head to toe can also apply in this case. When posing, do not cross your legs by placing one foot after the other because this method will make the road from head to foot shorter, making you look shorter.


How to look taller when taking pictures?

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Notice that your entire body fits within the frame. The head touches the top of the frame and the foot touches the bottom of the frame. Removing the details on the top will create the illusion that you are taller when you fill the frame. I also added an extra height by extending the line from head to toe with the toe point at the back. And although we all know the people behind the reality are not that small, this way creates the illusion that I'm the only tall person in the picture.

Today this is all for you. Hope you find it useful! You remember photography is an art and it creates illusion. Therefore, next time, if your clothes do not look flat in the image, do not be sad. Just Remember that you have to find the angle! If you are not sure, the best way to find the ideal angle is to place the camera (or phone!) And tell the photographer / friend to look at you and turn around a little to find the imaginary line. From head to toe longest. Besides, you need a professional outdoor makeup like that will have more plus points for your face to be more slim to help the whole image to be the most neat.

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