How To Look Like A High Fashion Model

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High fashion models look to beautiful on the runways that's why many girls dream to be like them. If you're a shy girl, will have any way to help you look like them? Don't worry, with 7 simple tips below, we believe every girl could be their most beautiful version.


How To Look Like A High Fashion Model   1. Be confident. It isn't as easy as it sounds. The best tip is to fake it until you make it. Walk and talk like you're important (even if you don't feel like it all of the time) and eventually it will become habitual and you won't have to think about it.   How To Look Like A High Fashion Model   2. Learn to walk like a model.

  • High-heeled shoes always help with your posture (and sometimes confidence), and they are best for learning. You should start out with a 2-inch heel and then graduate to a 4-inch heel before continuing on to a 6-inch heel.
  • Walk normally. Notice the space between your feet as you walk. On the runway, models walk with one foot directly in front of the other. Take a step with one leg, then take another and put the foot directly in front of the other, leaving a two inch space between your toes and your heel. Repeat. Notice how your hips sway perfectly and along with your legs.
  • Look up. Make sure you are looking straight out in front of you. Always have a face that perfectly reflects your mood, but make sure it's attractive.
  • Try not to move any part of your body when you walk except for your feet. You should appear as if you are gliding, or flying if someone were to watch you from the thighs up.
  • Get a thick book like a paperback dictionary, a copy of The Odyssey, or Jane Eyre. Put the book on your head and walk. Make sure you don't drop the book -- this will improve your posture. Who wants to see someone slouching?
  • Also, watch videos of models walking on a catwalk and decide what version of the walk is best for you. Every model has a slightly different walk.

  How To Look Like A High Fashion Model   Maybe you're interested in List Of Methods To Look Like A Model   3. Have your own, unique style that is not tacky. Don't act overly 'tramp' like, either. You can show quite a lot of skin if you can still manage to look innocent. Wear a big sweater that still shows your fabulous body shape, and let one shoulder drop off allowing it to be "accidental" and totally sexy. It can't look like it was pulled down on purpose - accidental and natural slipping of clothing is much, much sexier. Act like you can't help it and don't notice it. This does not mean that you should let your breasts pop out. That is completely tasteless and may get you arrested. Just let your shirt come up an inch or two on one side to show your tan hip or let one shoulder droop off to show off your impeccable bone structure. Everyone has at least one amazing asset. Show yours off!   How To Look Like A High Fashion Model   Watch: How To - Dress Like a Model  

  4. Have a few accessories you wear at least once a day, because you should change your outfit whenever you change your mood. And you should change your mood often. Therefore, you will need heaps of clothes. Keep them in your exotic car or huge designer bag.   How To Look Like A High Fashion Model   5. Figure out the right makeup for you. Some people need a lot, some need a little. You have to be able to do it yourself. Go to a department store; have your makeup done at a counter. Ask for a light day makeup look that you can wear every day. Learn how to do what your artist does, and ask for help. You must be able to do your makeup by yourself, and well! Models don't wear a lot of makeup, but a bit of concealer, clear mascara, a bit of eye liner and some light gloss may be right for you.   How To Look Like A High Fashion Model   Maybe you're interested in 12 Examples Of Clothes That Are Brilliant Enough To Replace Normal Ones   6. Wash your hair the night before. That way some natural oils have worked its way down and your hair won't look all frizzy. Part your hair down the middle and make cute really low pigtail braids. Start the braids under your ears and work your way down until there is about an inch of hair left, the tie it with a hair tie. Maybe do it on both sides. Maybe take your bangs and straighten them and put them to the side.   How To Look Like A High Fashion Model   7. Have fun. Models are the ultimate party girls; make sure you get invited to every party. Have your own parties. Be the center of attention. Guarantee that you will be at every good party. Don't worry whether you went to the right party, any party you go to is the place to be. Make yourself look hot - the ultimate party girl looks hot no matter what she does.   Watch next: How to Find the Perfect Shades For Your Face!.  


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