How to know if you're in love: 7 signs that say you are in love

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When love comes and knocks on the door, will you be able to realize it?

Only you know your own emotions, but not everyone can easily identify their feelings, or realize that they are experiencing love. So let Break give you some common signs and the most appropriate solution to them.

How to tell if you're in love with someone

You always think about them

In life, we will have the opportunity to meet so many people. However, if one day your mind suddenly filled with images of a specific person, do not worry because it is just a sign of love.

How to know if youre in love: 7 signs that say you are in love

There are two levels of "missing" you will experience. The first is mindfulness in the unconscious. You don't really remember your crush, but they show up whenever you're free. And if you have a little more affection, everything in your life will be "attached" to that friend. For example, when you are sipping a cup of coffee in the morning, you will think whether or not he likes to use the same coffee, or when you cross the familiar street corner, you will remember the last time you were together. step together. All are lines of thought influenced by the element of love. As a girl getting used to the romantic side, let your mind be a little "wander" because knowing somewhere can be a great catalyst for you to energize for a day. long working.

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You don't want to say goodbye to them

How to know if youre in love: 7 signs that say you are in love

If you pay close attention, you will see the time when the two met each other very quickly. The feeling of regret not wanting to say goodbye will wrap you up, making you always hesitant to make this difficult decision. Men too, when going through the first stages of love they all want to spend a lot of time with the girl they love. But unlike women, they do not express this desire so intensely. So why don't we try to "swap" positions with each other? A girl who controls emotions, subtly in manners will make men admire more.

You have some psychological changes

How to know if youre in love: 7 signs that say you are in love

Once you get used to having your mind split, one side is your daily life and the other is for "the other", your emotions will be greatly disturbed. You will feel happy all day just because he received a reply from him, but then also worried if the guy suddenly "disappeared" where you can not find. Nervous, worried when it was almost time for the two of them to see each other and then it was "silly" to stand before the other person. Trust me, you are not the only girl experiencing these signs of love. Breathe deeply to regain your spirits and remember that you are best when you are yourself.

You try to know them and understand them

How to know if youre in love: 7 signs that say you are in love

Your "detective" skills will now rise stronger than ever. All information about their personal information, hobbies, family and friends will be meticulously investigated by you. After the initial overwhelming moments, you will gradually regain composure and begin to learn more about this friend. This is the easiest sign of love when you're planning to establish a long-term relationship. Different from the love during the school age, when growing up, we will have an overview of the couple, no longer dominated by emotions, you will be "alert" before putting feelings on someone.

You love everything about them

How to know if youre in love: 7 signs that say you are in love

After being fascinated by the appearance of flashy, you start to learn about the enemy. And of course, no one is perfect. But instead of "picky fish soup", you easily accept the bad habits of the guy. Wait to think that you are easy, just because you know how to accept their flaws, love the imperfections.

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You try to change yourself - improve yourself for them

How to know if youre in love: 7 signs that say you are in love

The best thing about love is the ability to change a person and this is also the most positive sign of love. Starting with a change of appearance, the pile of T-shirt jeans will be thrown away and replaced with more feminine dresses, the dressing table will also be more interested in you than usual. You are also ready to close your personal computer to drop in bed when the clock is 11 o'clock at night. You change all activities in the most healthy way so that you can be fresh before your son. Temperament will also change, more modest, more graceful, different from the dusty "son" in the past. That is to say, love is a miracle.

You want them all for yourself

How to know if youre in love: 7 signs that say you are in love

Giving affection to someone means that you will want to belong to the other person and vice versa, they must also belong to you. It is not difficult to predict your feelings when you come across "him" showing intimacy with female colleagues at the company. Although knowing this is not the right time for us to be allowed to control them, love is inherently so, you will not want to care or worry for the other person if they are merely colleagues or friends of the opposite sex. Stay calm about this, use your "cold" head to analyze things and your "warm" heart to determine what you need to do to maintain this "sensitive" relationship.

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