How to keep bed bugs away from your house effectively

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If you wake up one morning and feel itchy with red spots on your skin, do not forget to check if you have bed bugs. Find a way to kill bed bugs on your mattress to get these creepy creatures out of your home!

Bed bugs are very small in size (only about 5mm), but they can reproduce extremely quickly. Bed bugs can be quite "smart" because they often hide. The worst thing is, bed bugs can live up to several months. These creatures are tiny but will cause you a lot of trouble.

How to keep bed bugs away

1. Wash your mattresses to kill bed bugs

To get rid of bed bugs on a mattress, first change all the bedspreads and related items such as:

- Blanket
- Pillowcase
- Curtain
- Clothes you left on the bed

Bed bugs can move around in large spaces, so if you want to get rid of them, be sure to wash nearby items as well.

After washing, you should use the drying mode to kill bed bugs or exposure the mattresses to strong sunlight to dry them completely. You must never allow the fabric to remain damp because it will be a favorable environment for the bugs to reproduce.

2. Clean the dust to prevent bed bugs

How to keep bed bugs away from your house effectively

In addition to washing the pillowcases, blankets, mattresses ... you should also clean the dirt from the surroundings to limit the reproduction of bedbugs. Make sure you don't forget to clean the bed lines and the area under the bed.

Bed bugs can hide anywhere in your bedroom, especially in dark corners, including the room furniture. Sometimes, you'll even find bed bugs in an electrical outlet.

You should clean the bedroom space at least once a week, if possible, using a vacuum cleaner will work better. Do not forget to clean the vacuum cleaner to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

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3. Use steam to keep bed bugs away

Some items of course cannot be washed under high temperatures and even a vacuum cleaner will not help get rid of bed bugs completely. At this point, you can use steam cleaning if the problem with bed bugs has not improved.

Using steam at high temperatures is very effective to kill obnoxious little creatures like bed bugs and its larvae. Scientists have discovered that bed bugs can be killed quickly at a temperature of 60 ° C.

The iron helps to push the steam of the core deep into small, deep areas that conventional sanitary equipment cannot access.

4. Use baking soda to kill bed bugs

How to keep bed bugs away from your house effectively

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), is a commonly used ingredient in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. 

Baking soda kills bed bugs by sucking water out of them, causing them to dry out and slowly die. You can spread a layer of baking soda around the bed bugs, from the wall area to the corners of the doors, wherever you think bed bugs are staying.

Leave the baking soda there for 1 week, then clean it with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Repeat this procedure a few times to completely remove bed bugs in your mattress.

5. Make your own bed bug killer 

How to keep bed bugs away from your house effectively

Try making your own bed bug killing powder using some natural ingredients. Cayenne and ginger chili powder combined with the strong smell of oregano essential oil can kill bed bugs very effectively. Try referencing the formula as below:

- 1 tbsp cayenne pepper powder
- 1 tablespoon crushed ginger
- 1 tablespoon oregano oil
- 250ml of cold water
Add the mixture of cayenne, ginger and oregano to cold water in the pot and then cook for about 7 minutes. Afterwards, strain the mixture and place it in a bottle and spray it around the bedbug area.

You can spray the mixture of cayenne pepper, ginger and oregano oil for a few days until the bed bugs on the mattress disappear completely.

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6. Use tea tree essential oil to keep bed bugs away

How to keep bed bugs away from your house effectively

Tea tree essential oil has antibacterial effects. Not only that, tea tree oil can also be used to kill many insects, including bed bugs.

You should use tea tree oil to kill bed bugs early before they attack on a large scale. Dilute 20 drops of 100% pure tea tree essential oil in a spray bottle with cold water and then spray throughout the room.

Pay attention to spraying a lot of tea tree oil in the area around the bed as well as walls, closets, curtains and other fabric materials. Repeat this procedure once a week until bed bugs are killed.

7. Use lavender essential oil to kill bed bugs

Lavender essential oil is not only found in soaps or relaxing oils, you can also use it to get rid of bed bugs very effectively. Similar to tea tree oil, lavender essential oil extract is resistant to insects and is very toxic to bed bugs but extremely safe for humans and pets.

To make a bed bug killer on this mattress, fill the water tank with 15 drops of lavender essential oil. If possible, add 15 drops of peppermint oil to enhance the effect.

Lavender oil can help kill eggs and larvae of bed bugs. You can apply this mixture every day for the best effect on bed bugs.

8. Use mint leaves to kill bed bugs

How to keep bed bugs away from your house effectively

You can use peppermint leaves to get rid of bed bugs on the mattress because peppermint leaves contain strong insect-resistant essential oils. In this way, crush dry mint leaves, then spread them all over the areas you suspect bed bugs are. If you have a lot of bed bugs, simply increase the amount of mint leaves.

You can spread crushed mint leaves once a week until the bed bugs on the mattress disappear completely. After that, you need to replace the new one because the old one will take effect.

To completely eliminate bed bugs on the mattress, you will need quite a bit of time. When you find bed bugs hiding in the house, you can try some of the above ways to avoid more serious situation. In addition, do not forget to regularly wash and clean your living space.

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