How to increase height by 8 calcium-rich foods is extremely good for health

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At present, malnutrition, calcium deficiency and osteoporosis are becoming more and more common not only in rural areas but also in big cities. This disease not only affects the elderly but also causes children to be retarded. Therefore, choosing the following calcium-rich foods will help you increase your height easily

American dietitian Brigitte Zeitlin asserts that "Calcium plays a key role in determining the health of every person".
"Calcium helps prevent osteoporosis, which can lead to osteoarthritis and fractures. Calcium is extremely important for muscle function, it will also help the body regulate nerve signals, blood clotting and even is the heart rate, "said the expert.

Each adult needs 1,000mg of calcium per day when under the age of 50. It will increase from 1200-2000mg per day for the elderly from 50-70 because of the need for calcium to protect bones.Therefore, besides drinking milk, we can add the following calcium-rich foods to help develop height or prevent osteoporosis more effectively.

How to increase height by 8 calcium-rich foods is extremely good for health

How to increase height with natural foods

Currently, 6 delicious, complementary and cheap foods below are officially the "panacea" that contain the most calcium that everyone should add to their daily meals.

Soya milk

One cup of fortified soya milk provides 30% of the RDI of calcium, while other types of grain milk may contain less calcium.Because the pure proteins contained in soya milk can help improve tissue and bone system.

So if you want to add a few centimeters more, you should use soya milk every day. In fact, this is one of the best tips to save costs but still be effective in improving height.  

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Cheese is an excellent source of calcium, especially parmesan cheese, which contains up to 33% of the RDI per 28 grams.Our bodies also tend to absorb calcium from dairy products more easily from plant sources.Therefore, hard cheeses also have less milk sugar and are easier to digest. 

How to increase height by 8 calcium-rich foods is extremely good for health


It is also a type of seafood that contains fairly high levels of calcium - 13% DV of calcium. Besides, seaweed also contains many minerals, iodine and fiber to support the development of brain, physical and respiratory system of children. With seaweed, moms can make it into separate soup or use it with other dishes in daily meals.

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This is also one of the best tips for quick and natural high growth that everyone should remember. In fact, oats and oatmeal are very low in fat but high in protein, so this is one of the best breakfast foods on the rise menu. You can treat oatmeal with a variety of dishes to enhance flavor and enhance your appetite.


Eggs are also one of the best tips for growing natural height that people should not ignore. Eggs contain a lot of protein, especially egg whites, which are good for the overall development of the body because it can help synthesize vitamins in cells, so the height will grow quickly and naturally. Eggs including chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs ... are very delicious and can be processed into many different dishes such as boiled, fried eggs, or fried eggs.

How to increase height by 8 calcium-rich foods is extremely good for health


Celery, sesame and chia seeds are perfect foods that provide calcium for the body. For example, one tablespoon of sesame seeds contains 126 mg of calcium, accounting for 13% of the RDI. Seeds also come with a good amount of minerals and vitamins.

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Green vegetables

Green vegetables, green leaves ... are all super calcium-rich foods. You can eat broccoli, kale, spinach ... all special sources of calcium. In addition, you can eat a cup of collard greens because it is enough to give you a quarter of the daily recommended amount of calcium.


In 85g of sardines contains a calcium content of 370mg. Like all fish, sardines also contain omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin D. "I like to grill sardines and mix them in salads. I cut sardines and mix with 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of black vinegar, a pinch of salt and pepper and a leafy green vegetable. The food is full of calcium, "said Zittlin, an expert on his eating habits.

In addition, besides supplementing with calcium, vitamin D, iron, zinc and lysine also play a very important role in promoting the height growth. Therefore, you should regularly consume plenty of high-lysine foods in your diet each day. In the body, lysine plays an important role in many physiological processes, including bone growth and growth. Therefore, this is one of the best ways to help us increase our natural height as well as ensure normal mental and physical development.  

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