How to identify breast cancer at the earliest

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The warning signs for breast cancer are not the same for women. Some people experience pain, swelling in the chest, change in the shape of a nipple, but others feel back, shoulder, and axillary lymph nodes.

According to health research information, breast cancer is a common cancer in most countries around the world. In the US, according to the report of the Cancer Recognition Centers, there were 164,671 new cancer cases in 2018, of which breast cancer accounted for 15,229 cases (9.2%).

Among the 5 most common cancers for women, breast cancer ranked first with 43.1 / 100,000 people, with a mortality rate of 12.9 / 100,000 people. Next to colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, uterine cancer.

According to statistics in Asia, Southeast Asia, the rate of young breast cancer is quite high. European and American countries are often affected by the elderly. Even in Japan and some Asian countries, the child is quite high, even patients with 26 - 27 years old have breast cancer. Currently in the world, hospitals have been treating many patients with breast cancer very young, many of whom are unmarried and some have just entered the university entrance.

How to identify breast cancer at the earliest

In all types of cancers in women, breast and cervical cancer can be screened and detected early. Especially with breast cancer, the disease is most easily detected early, because the patient can feel it.

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If cancer is detected early, it will cure, the survival rate of over 5 years is relatively high, especially for breast cancer. For breast cancer patients, if detected early in stage I, the survival rate of over 5 years is 100%, with cervical cancer of 80-93%, colorectal cancer is 88% ...

According to Dr. Le Thanh Duc, breast cancer can occur at various ages, not excluding young women. Therefore, even women in their 20s should not be subjective, but take precautions.

How to identify breast cancer

Chest pain

According to Caring, you suddenly experience pain like a slight electric current going from your left chest to your right chest. This is not a good sign that a breast health may be related to breast cancer.

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Itching in the chest

This symptom, mainly related to inflammatory breast cancer, is often overlooked. Patients with inflammatory breast cancer have itching, rashes, or rough skin. The reason is that fast growing cancer cells block blood vessels and lymph vessels in the skin, causing fluid to build up in and under the skin, causing skin irritation.

How to identify breast cancer at the earliest

Back, shoulder and neck pain

In some women with breast cancer, they feel pain in the back or shoulders, not in the chest or breast. Pain often occurs in the upper back or between the shoulder blades, easily confused with ligament injury, osteoarthritis of the spine.

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Change breast shape and size

According to Webmd, many women do not feel the tumor as usual, but they feel the breast is bigger, lower and lower, has an unusual shape. This is a symptom of breast cancer, common in women with dense breast tissue. It also makes it harder to detect breast cancer, so if you have thick breast tissue, be alert for these signs.

Change in the nipple

One of the most common places that tumors often appear is that under the nipple, you can feel certain changes such as the nipple may become flatter, indented, or discharge from the nipple, may be mixed with blood. The skin of the nipple may become rough, scaly, or inflamed.

Swelling or tumor, lymph nodes in the armpits

Lymph nodes can be the cause of colds and infections. However, if there is a lump or painful swelling under the arm area that lasts for a week for an unexplained reason, it could be an early sign of breast cancer.

How to identify breast cancer at the earliest

Red, swollen breasts

If you feel your breasts are hot, or red (even purple), painful swelling, it may be a sign of infection, mastitis, but it could also be inflammatory breast cancer. The reason is that breast tumors squeeze into the tissue, causing the breast to swell, sore and red.

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