How to get rid of excess oil on your face fast and effectively

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Removing excess oil on the face make the face less shiny, helping you feel more confidence. To own a smooth white skin, follow the instructions below to say goodbye to facial shine.

Oil is secreted from the sebaceous glands under the hair follicles. The amount of oil produced depends on factors such as genes, hormones as well as activity level and the T-zone with the nose is most active. The secretion of a lot of oily affects the facial aesthetics as well as acne and pores appear more and more.

The characteristic of oily skin is that the skin surface becomes smooth, thick and not smooth. Large pores after washing the skin will be smoother. Due to its greasy properties, it is easy to catch the dust, causing clogged pores to produce acne, acne, even dermatitis.

How to get rid of excess oil on your face fast and effectively

How to clean excess oil on your skin quickly

Oil absorbent paper

Oil absorbent paper is an indispensable item in the bags of women who own oily skin. You should use it correctly to achieve the desired effect. When the skin is shiny, use a blotting paper to slowly press the surface of the skin with your fingers to absorb the oil so do not quickly glide on your face!

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For those of you who have oily skin, the quickest way to overcome the problem is to wash your face and then remove it with a cotton ball. Note that you should not use aerosol cosmetics not only do the glossiness does not go away but also increases.

Dusting powder

Dusting powder effectively reduces shine and is extremely safe for the skin. You only need to apply a small amount to the skin and will work immediately.

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It is an easy-to-find natural ingredient that effectively removes greasiness. To do this, you mixed a little salt with pure water to mix into a small spray bottle to shake the salt. After washing your face, use this salt solution to remove makeup remover and wipe like rose water, you will feel your skin will be soft and not greasy. Done every day for best results.

How to get rid of excess oil on your face fast and effectively

Tomato and honey mask

Honey tomato mask not only reduces oily shine but also helps skin to be smooth, white and pink.

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Tomatoes contain natural antioxidants that help prevent aging as well as contain more potassium and vitamin C to help reduce the amount of oil on the skin and tighten pores.

Cold water

This is the simplest method you can do in the summer whenever the skin is greasy. After washing your face, use a fine stone to clean a clean towel and apply it gently on the surface to reduce the appearance of oily pores as well as make the skin smoother.

How to get rid of excess oil on your face fast and effectively

In addition to the skin care regimen from cosmetics or natural ingredients, you should also adjust your diet to avoid hot spicy foods such as chili, pepper and seafood. In addition to reducing fatty foods, fried foods to reduce sebum secretion and increase the intake of green vegetables and fruits.

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