How to get rid of dog smell effectively

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Every dog has a body odor. It could be a natural smell or a bacterial infection. But if your house smells too bad, it will make people uncomfortable and... stay away from you!

For dog owners, their homes will be more or less foul. Therefore, in order not to be embarrassed when inviting guests to your house and have a healthy living space, you should apply these quick cleaning tips!

How to get dog smell out of house


Houses with dogs are often covered with hair, skin flakes, dust, and waste traces. The smell from these things will spread all over the house, causing discomfort. To eliminate the source of the odor, you should vacuum the entire house, especially where your dog frequently visit, such as floor mats and rugs, low furniture or dog cushions.

How to get rid of dog smell effectively
To remove the source of odors from pets, you need to vacuum the entire house

A tiny note is that you should use a powerful vacuum cleaner to cleanse your dog's deodorant more effectively.

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Clean up dog waste

If the dog's waste is not cleaned up, the house will soon have a stinking mess. You can use enzyme cleaner to remove completely your dog's leftover. Enzyme cleaners are very effective because they can decompose protein in urine, feces, vomit and other biological stains. 

Clean your carpet

Cleaning the entire carpet will help deodorize your dog's smell throughout your home. The best way to clean carpets is to use powdered or wet cleaners:

- If you use a dry vacuum cleaner, sprinkle powdered detergent on the entire carpet. Wait at least 30 minutes and then vacuum to remove detergent, dirt and odor in the carpet.

- If you use a wet vacuum cleaner, mix water with detergent. Then vacuum the entire carpet, let it dry for at least 24 hours and vacuum again.

How to get rid of dog smell effectively
Carpets are often the place where pet odors are most likely to be, because they are usually on them

Clean your furniture, and your dog' toys

The furniture is also a keeper of your dog's smell. You should clean the items thoroughly so they do not get stinky. For upholstered furniture like sofas, you need a bucket of warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid, use a soft bristle brush dipped in it and scrub the entire surface. Next, wipe off with a damp towel and let them dry.

For leather or leather-like items, you can mix vinegar with water in equal proportions, then use a cloth soaked in this solution to wipe the surface of the items.

How to get rid of dog smell effectively
Dogs' accessories and toys always smell and their accidental disposition will leave a bad odor all over the house.

Besides, you should also wash your dog's toys and accessories. If you're too lazy to wash them with your hands, you can wash your dog's cloth toys, towels, laces, and collars with your washing machine, then dry them using a dryer. For more solid toys, such as bowls and rubber toys, wash them with hot water and soap.

Give your dog a bath

Bathing your dog regularly will help reduce the odor. The easiest way to bathe a dog is to put it in a tub, or a bucket. Use a hose to wet it and pour bath oil onto its fur. Next, thoroughly rinse the bath oil and use a towel to dry the fur.

How to get rid of dog smell effectively
It is very helpful to bathe your dog regularly to get rid of their odors

In addition, when bathing your dog, you should pay attention not to wash its face, eyes or ears with water and bath oil, because water pouring into a dog's ear can cause yeast infection. Remember to carefully clean its feet and buttocks.

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Wash your dog's nest

One of the places that often cause bad odors in your house is the dog's nest. You can wash and deodorize its nest by putting it in the washing machine and wash it in normal mode with warm or hot water, then dry it in a dryer. For larger nests, you can clean them by washing the covers separately and using salt to deodorize the inner part.

How to get rid of dog smell effectively

You should also clean your bedding if you allow your dog to lie with you in bed.

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