How to get rid of anger: 5 ways to effectively control your anger

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In life, people often face anger. Some people maybe able to manage their anger, but others are unable to do it, leading to behaviors that hurt their existing social relationships.

So how can you help yourself overcome your anger? Here are some ways you can try to control it.

5 ways to effectively get rid of anger

1. Find out why you are angry

Understanding the cause of anger is very important. Your anger is not a coincidence but it is affected by specific things, events and people. When you know exactly why you are angry, you can control your behavior and behave properly. You can confide in someone you trust, a family, a doctor or a psychologist who can give you the best advice and solution.

2. Rest and relax

How to get rid of anger: 5 ways to effectively control your anger

When you're angry, your heart will pound, your blood vessels will contract, your muscles will stretch to act, your body will sweat more, making your mind seem difficult to control. At that time, relax your body, find maximum relaxation, which will help you control thinking and acting in the right way. You can listen to a light music, relax in a quiet space or simply take a walk to find the airy.

3. Violent action doesn't help you get rid of your anger

How to get rid of anger: 5 ways to effectively control your anger

To satisfy your anger, you do not care about the thoughts and feelings of those around you that cause unconscious actions to hurt them. In a bad case, you can cause extreme discontent and resentment from those who are victims of your anger. That has a profound effect on the social relationships that have been created before. Not only that, but violent action will make you feel guilty, ashamed when you return to consciousness.

4. Resolve controversy and misunderstandings

Each person has a different way of thinking to understand and solve problems. You cannot impose on yourself your thoughts, angry that they are not doing what you want. Calmly, facing the problem, presenting your opponent with the way of thinking, discussing the solution is the right choice. When you listen to others, you will better understand who they are and you yourself will be understood and listened to them most sincerely.

How to get rid of anger: 5 ways to effectively control your anger

5. Forget the past anger

Every human being has a memory of things that happened in the past. There's no denying it's a good thing, but it's the opposite when you think about pent-up emotions, anger or dissatisfaction. It makes you always live in a hostile state, the compression of anger that is accumulated until an outbreak has a negative impact on your thoughts and behaviors that are out of control. Moreover, your body does not relax, easily causes stress and fatigue

Anger is not necessarily a bad thing, it is indispensable in the emotional development of a normal person. Sometimes anger helps us to be more energetic to correct mistakes, or to use constructive actions to overcome obstacles. But that only works when you control and control your behavior according to a certain standard.

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