How to get pregnant fast and safely?

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According to scientific research, the idea of conception is not entirely dependent on the time and frequency of relationships of couples but the way to have a fast and effective pregnancy depends on the time of ovulation. .

Couples who want to have children are often concerned about the position, frequency and duration of the relationship without knowing that the fertilized egg will depend on many other factors, especially the time of ovulation.

Therefore, in order to conceive quickly and successfully, the preparation step is also extremely important. Couples should note the following:

Prepare before pregnancy

- Planning sex before 3 months to have the necessary preparation for pregnancy.

- Medical examination for both male and gynecological to ensure the health of both spouses is completely normal and ready for the time of conception. The doctor will inform you about the structure of the sexual organs, the quality of sperm and eggs infected with the disease.

How to get pregnant fast and safely?

In the case of a husband or wife suffering from genetic diseases, birth defects, genetic factors should be screened to limit the risk for the baby.

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If a gynecological or male disease occurs, the husband and wife need definitive treatment before becoming pregnant.

- About 3 months before the time of conception, both husband and wife must follow the scientific activity regime, moderation activities, and diverse and complete nutritional supplements. Avoid harmful foods like fast food, beer, alcohol, stimulants ...

When sex is most likely to conceive?

Under normal health conditions, the eggs can last from 12 to 24 hours and sperm can survive from 3 to 5 days in the vagina. Therefore, the best time to conceive is the time to ovulate. During the ovulation period, if a husband and wife develop a relationship, the rate of an egg having a sperm will be higher and be conceived easier than other times.

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The way to have a fast and effective pregnancy

At the time of ovulation, the "love" will have the best effect for the process of conception. The most effective ways to conceive couples can refer to these as:

- Relationship on ovulation: To conceive, the egg must meet sperm. Ovulation cycle of women only occurs once a month and eggs only survive a maximum of 24H, sperm exists in a woman's vagina for 2-3 days. Therefore, couples can have sex before or after 2 days of ovulation to increase the rate of conception to higher.

The ovulation cycle for women usually falls on the 14th day of the cycle if the menstrual cycle is 28 days. You need to pay attention to the physical changes to identify the most suitable time for the "love" to get pregnant faster.

- "Quality is more than quantity": It's not the frequency that "love" determines pregnancy. Many couples think that falling in love one or two times will make them easier to conceive. But it usually takes men two to five days to make up for the quality and quantity of sperm so having too many loves a day is not the best way to conceive.

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The quality of "love" is also important in conception. When orgasm, the secretion of the genitals more, the perineum, uterus, fallopian tubes will contract better so ovulation easier and sperm will also move faster.

- Should love in the morning or evening ?: About the time of "love" in the morning or evening has no clear scientific evidence. Therefore, depending on the biological conditions of each couple, you can choose a suitable time for "love".

How to get pregnant fast and safely?

- Should abstain from "love" 5 days before ovulation: The abstinence helps the man's body regain strength, accumulate the most healthy and quality sperm, helping to increase fertility.

- The genital organs of both spouses must be healthy, functioning well in both structure and function.

- The reproductive function of normal couple. That is, the egg must have ova, the sperm must be good in both quantity and quality.

About posture relationship is not entirely a factor affecting whether or not you can conceive. In some recommendations on how to relate to pregnancy, the postures are only mentioned as a more favorable condition affecting conception.

Recipes sex to effectively conceive

- Choose the most comfortable "love" posture to get a sense of sublimation, which will help you feel more relaxed and better able to conceive.

- After "falling in love" the woman can lie on her back and place a small pillow under her back for 20-30 minutes to keep the semen inside the vagina.

- Avoid standing up immediately after sex because it can cause semen to flow out of the vagina.

Note necessary to become easier to conceive

The principle of conception is that only the most healthy sperm succeeds in fertilizing an egg (except in the case of multiple pregnancies), the stronger the sperm is, the higher the chances of successful conception. Therefore, the health of sperm and eggs is essential for the process of conception. Daily resting and exercise issues will have an impact on conception. Couples should note:

- Full, varied and healthy diet. Avoid processed foods, fast food, stimulants such as alcohol, beer, cigarettes ...

- Exercise regularly to improve physical and health

- Psychological comfort, limited stress.

To ensure reproductive health, couples should have regular check-ups and consult with specialized doctors to make the process of "finding children" easier.

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