How to gain weight quickly and effectively for thin people

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Weight gain is not too difficult problem, thin people need to follow strict exercise diet to have a good body. The following is a very effective way to gain weight without medication  

How to gain weight is a question that skinny people are always interested. But need to understand how thin is?
For people with a body mass index (BMI) <18.5 are considered underweight and need to gain weight

How to calculate BMI = Weight (kg) / [Height x height (m)]

How to gain weight quickly and effectively for thin people

Cause can not gain weight

- Calorie intake is not enough for burning energy. In other words, the amount of food you eat is not enough for the day's activity.

- Moderate activities: The lack of sleep, not eating right meals, stress ... will also affect weight gain

- Having health problems such as digestive disorders, stomach ache, diabetes ... If applying weight gain methods but not effective, you may be having health problems affecting breathing. receptor.

- Genetic problem: People with small bones

The fastest and most effective way to gain weight

The general rule of effective weight gain is that you consume more calories than you lose during the day. Typically choose foods that contain more protein

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For lean people, protein-rich foods are important in dealing with how to gain weight and gain muscle. The body needs to be supplemented with animal-and-plant-rich protein foods, here are nutritious foods that answer the question of what to eat to gain weight:

Kinds of meat

- Chicken thighs, tenderloin, pork belly: These are parts with higher nutritional value than the rest.

Types of milk

- Fresh milk, yogurt, cheese, cheese, butter

How to gain weight quickly and effectively for thin people


- Vegetables, soybeans, kale, seaweeds, potatoes, sweet potatoes

- Cereals: Oats, brown rice, peanuts and beans

- Fruit: Avocado, Banana, Orange, Grape, Pumpkin.

For example, 100g of cabbage contains 24.6 calories, but 100g of kale contains up to 50 calories. Or in 100g lean pork contains 143 calories but in 100g three pigs only 518 calories,. Choosing nutritious foods is better for weight gain

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Weight gain diet


Need to eat 3 main meals in 1 day, absolutely not skip meals. In addition, you can eat 2 snacks a day and 1 snack before bed. Tips for thin people want to gain weight fast, follow the diet correctly:

3 main meals: 6am, 12pm and 6pm

3 snacks: 9am, 3pm and 20:30

How to gain weight quickly and effectively for thin people

Time to eat

After 1 night of sleep, the body loses energy, the morning is the time when the body easily absorbs nutrients to build muscle most. Should include high-calorie foods such as fresh milk, cheese, red meat ...

Drinking regime

Drink enough 2 liters of water in 1 day, increase the digestive juices such as pears, apples, oranges, grapes, sweet potatoes ...

Reasonable rest

Without overworked or negative thinking, the body is always comfortable to help absorb better substances


Need to exercise or exercise at least 30 minutes every day for the body to be active, help sleep. In addition to toning your body, exercising also helps you crave more, hunger will come faster

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Good sports for weight gain are swimming, gym, yoga, jogging and running. Exercise will help your body get hungry faster.

Tips to help gain weight effectively

Eat a lot of food at one meal: This helps form a habit of eating more and the body absorbs more calories

- Eat energy-rich foods first, low-energy foods later

- Do not drink water before eating: This reduces the appetite so you do not eat much

- Drink milk instead of water

- Get enough sleep and don't think stressed

- Limiting energy consumption

- Do not use stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco

You can also use weight gain pills or supplements like weight gain milk or weight tea. However, the use must be directed and consulted by a specialist.

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