How to gain weight for thin people in just 1 week

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Gain weight is not a problem if you stick to a scientifically trained diet. Gaining weight fast in a week is something that many skinny people dream about, but what is the secret to help girls change their appearance quickly and safely?

Currently, there are many shared secrets of speedy weight gain, which can gain up to 2-3kg in a short time, even in just a week is real. But are those ways of gaining weight really safe and sustainable?

In fact, drugs that gain weight quickly in 1 week are very dangerous to health.Therefore, the fastest and healthiest way to gain weight is to only supplement nutrition to develop the muscular system, build muscle bundles, to understand meat gain.Therefore, the body needs time to replenish nutrients and develop gradually to be strong and sustainable.

How to gain weight for thin people in just 1 week

How thin is it?

How to gain weight is a question that skinny people are always interested.But you need to understand how skinny is?For people with a body mass index (BMI) <18.5 is considered to be thin and need to gain weight

How to calculate BMI = Weight (kg) / [Height x height (m)]  

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How to gain weight quickly and effectively for thin people

If your weight index is thin, the simplest and most effective way to gain weight is to add foods that have superior nutrition and need to increase protein intake.  

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The general rule of effective weight gain is that you consume more calories than you lose during the day. Some natural foods that support rapid weight gain are recommended by doctors as follows:

Foods contain more protein

For lean people, protein-rich foods are important in dealing with how to gain weight and gain muscle. The body needs a complete intake of animal and plant-rich protein foods such as
- Chicken thighs.
- Beef tenderloin
- Bacon pork

Meat is rich in trace elements that support weight, help organs in the body healthy and grow better.


Milk is one of the foods to gain weight, improve physique. A glass of milk can contain 122 calories. Milk is not only a healthy source of nutrition but also easy to drink.

You can also make your own weight-increasing milk at home from natural ingredients that are also good for health.

Try drinking about one or two glasses as a snack, with a meal, or before and after a workout if you are exercising.

How to gain weight for thin people in just 1 week


Eggs contain lots of protein, vitamins A, D, E and good cholesterol, so they both have a nutritional effect on your body to help you gain a healthy weight. You should eat at least one egg for breakfast. You will see the effect after a month.

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A glass of avocado can contain 240 calories and gives you many health benefits, providing healthy fats.

Peanut butter

According to Boldsky, this is an ideal choice for a healthy breakfast to gain weight. Peanut butter is rich in protein, vitamins and calories, helping the body to add more calories while avoiding unhealthy foods. Alternatively, you can add peanut butter to your mid-afternoon snack or before bed.


Eat one avocado a day, add 10g of fiber that is good for digestion, and 15g of unsaturated fat helps prevent heart disease. Avocado also has nutrients that help prevent cancer.

You can make many delicious butter dishes, such as smoothies, ice cream, or served with bread and salad.

In addition, thin body often lacks much nutrition because you eat poorly or are not absorbed. Therefore, increasing eating is a way to help thin people to gain weight effectively.

Those who gain good weight apply a scientific diet and preferably divide the diet into 5-6 meals, instead of 3 main meals as usual.Breaking down the meals will help you replenish many nutrients, ease the burden on the digestive system and help you eat better.  

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