How to gain weight fast but still safe for health

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Many experts say, strengthening nutritious tonic is the safest way to gain weight naturally and sustainably. However, how to gain weight fast but still safe for health is not everyone knows.

A well-proportioned figure is always the dream of many people. Like people who want to lose weight, some people want to gain weight because they are too skinny. Except for those who are easily absorbed in nutrition, with others, weight gain is also not as difficult as losing weight. Because gaining weight is sometimes difficult for those who do not have a reasonable diet.

How to gain weight fast?

According to nutrition experts, there is no medicine that can replace natural foods to provide nutrition for the body. And the perfect weight gain menu for a skinny person should always ensure all 4 groups of nutrients: protein, starch, fat, vitamins and minerals. If one of the 4 groups is missing, it will not be able to maintain health, and will not gain weight.

How to gain weight fast but still safe for health
Foods to gain weight quickly and safely


Protein provides protein for the body to develop muscles and tissues. For thin people, the use of protein and protein foods is important for keeping the body moving and still having excess energy to gain weight.

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You can absorb protein from animal protein sources (meat, fish, eggs, milk ...) and plant protein (beans, soybeans ...).


According to nutrition experts, thin people need to eat more carbohydrates to help distribute the energy for the body to function every day. Foods such as bread, rice, potatoes, etc. are good sources of starch.


Many people believe that supplementing fat will help gain weight quickly, however, according to experts, this is only partially true. Thin people should not consume too much fat in the body, should only maintain less than 600g / month and should prioritize the fat group provided from vegetable oils for good health.

Salmon, avocado, nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, chestnuts ...) are healthy fats. The oils from nuts: sunflower, sesame olives ... are also recommended by health care professionals.

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Vitamins and minerals

All fruits and vegetables contain high levels of vitamins and minerals. So you should not ignore this group of foods in the diet of lean people. Foods with high nutritional value such as cauliflower, green vegetables, bean sprouts ... are all nutritious foods, good for health and help you gain weight naturally and effectively.

Especially many thin people want to gain weight fast so they often eat a lot of greasy foods. However, this not only does not increase weight but also affects health. 

Here are the nutritious and easily absorbed foods that help lean people gain the fastest and healthiest weight gain recommended by nutritionists:

How to gain weight fast but still safe for health
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Cheese is always considered "king" because of its high nutritional content and good for health. One serving of cheese contains about 69 calories. With a lot of milk, protein, calcium, fat, good cholesterol ... make sure regular cheeses will help lean people gain weight. Although cheese is high in nutrients, it is important to keep in mind that supplementing your diet with just enough daily weight to avoid raising cholesterol levels.


Cereals are a type of weight gain food because cereals contain lots of nutrients and carbohydrates. Especially in bread and barley that contains an amount of calories to support weight gain effectively.


Bananas are also a healthy weight gain food. Bananas contain lots of starches, protein, vitamins and minerals along with many essential amino acids for the body and health. Bananas are not only rich in carbohydrates and nutrients but also a good source of "fuel" for exercise. For thin people, eating bananas not only helps you sleep well, but also helps you gain weight effectively. You can make this fruit into nutritious foods like banana smoothies or even salads.

How to gain weight fast but still safe for health
Do bananas eat weight?


In addition to helping skinny people gain a healthy weight, eating an avocado every day adds 10g of fiber that is good for digestion, and 15g of unsaturated fat helps prevent heart disease. In butter there is also a nutrient that helps prevent cancer. You can make many delicious butter dishes, such as smoothies, ice cream, or served with bread and salad.

Soy bean seed

This product is prepared from soybean seed extract (soybean) that has been incubated for about 3-4 days. At that time, soybean sprouts had a lot of effects 100 times more than soybean meal from seeds you use daily. So. The choice of soybean head weight gain is one of the effective solutions to support weight gain for thin people and is recommended by nutrition experts.

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Eating cereals regularly will help you gain weight easily because grains contain many nutrients, especially carbohydrates. Grains like bread, barley, etc. are high in calories so they help you gain weight faster and more effectively in a short time.

The truth is that there is no medicine that can replace natural foods to provide nutrition for the body. Thin people who want to gain weight need to increase nutrition supplement is the safest way to gain weight naturally and sustainably. Hopefully the secret to help gain weight as above will help lean people choose for themselves how to gain weight scientifically and reasonably thanks to the supplement of natural weight gain food. In addition, we also need to combine the exercise regime, healthy living to be able to gain weight quickly and effectively without causing health risks.  

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