How to find yourself

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In this hurried and carbon-related life, in the midst of the rotating reels of work, family and many relationships. There will be moments when I have suddenly realized that I lost myself not knowing at all, that we fall into confusion, fear or even an obsession gradually growing. In the same way, look for ways to find yourself with the simplest methods.

Search for a quiet space

Right now you let yourself live with the feeling of being the stillest. Be pure in mind to think about what has passed, the events of life, the security of each or both physical and spiritual change in your people. Ask yourself why you feel you are losing yourself, and what is the thing you need to find again? It deserves no and it can find no.  

How to find yourself
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Please read a book

How to find yourself
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  Mark Twain once said this "Ideally, the book was not orderly and the reader had to discover himself." So, a book or a book that reads when human beings can find yourself is in it. Finding what you're going through might be like a character, a little more detail, or a quote. At this time, the book gives you a sense of recognition where you are, how you are, and what you should be doing.

Get out there and breathe around the air

Walking is good for health, not just physical health, but also spiritual health. Try out walking, let yourself be exploring all things around at a slower pace than every day, not a glance, but a thorough look, try analyzing, feeling, you will realize a lot of interesting things of life around you. You will probably realize, somewhere that a friend who has long no longer met, but is still waiting for you where the street corner of an old café. You will realize somewhere that is a wild love that day is so bright and so gentle. You will recognize somewhere a child who is crying unprivately when they are not led by the parents.....  

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Write the

Writing is an incredibly subtle art for those who watch it as a career to make a living. However, it's even more interesting to us, with people watching it a delight to make creative fun.

The effect of writing is extremely beneficial for your brain, besides it also helps you to write down what you are trying to hide, what you are looking for. This is one of the ways to find yourself the most intelligent.

Try the above ways in the moments when you fall into the most bewildering feeling about yourself, about life. Have fun and happy because there are many good things in life waiting for you to explore.

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