How to effective and safe weight loss for obese people?

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In recent decades, we have had many changes in diet and eating habits that make the proportion of overweight and obese people increasing.

Losing weight is not only the desire of many women to own a slim body, but also a necessary need for people who are obese or overweight.

Scientists have shown that obese people are at high risk for some serious diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some other cancers. The combination of diet control and daily physical activity is the best weight loss method for you.

So losing weight is also the desire of many people, however, not everyone knows how to lose weight properly and lose weight safely.

Mistakes when losing weight that everyone makes

Being overweight and obese makes many people lose confidence in their lives. Many people find ways to lose weight fast, despite the negative consequences for their health.


Fasting will certainly reduce fat but it is not a good method and is not particularly applicable in children because of developmental effects. Fasting every day can reduce 0.5kg of weight but cause complete lack of nutritional components for the body, causing fatigue, reducing muscle mass and metabolic disorders, adversely affecting health and ability to tuberculosis dynamic.

How to effective and safe weight loss for obese people?

The best ways to lose weight are: reduce your energy intake, especially fat, sugar, and fiber in your diet. Follow a gradual reduction in carbohydrate diets, eat plenty of green vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meats, eat boiled, steamed foods, and avoid frying, fast food. physical activity, sport, adequate sleep.

Take weight loss medications not as directed by your doctor

When you have used many weight loss methods that are not effective, the use of weight loss drugs and which medications need to be prescribed and monitored by your doctor. Weight loss pills will directly impact the digestive system and related organs for two main purposes: to reduce absorption and to cause anorexia. The end result is a decrease in the amount of nutrients in the body and weight loss.

In Europe, there are about 100 weight loss drug brands in circulation. Weight loss drugs can be divided into three main categories: drugs that fill the digestive tract, drugs that reduce the metabolism of body fat and drugs that cause anorexia. All of these drugs have side effects, which are harmful to the health of users.

Weight loss drugs must be used according to the indications and closely monitored by specialists, after taking into account the risks of disease of users. The drug is highly effective when the user follows a proper diet, exercises actively, and should not be confused about the "miraculous" effects that a fat loss drug can bring.

Weight loss medications must be used according to the indications and closely monitored by specialists. Weight loss pills do not cure obesity. When you stop taking the pill, your weight will increase again if you do not maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Do not buy weight loss pills floating on the market, to prevent counterfeiting, causing dangerous health consequences.

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Physical activity is involved in the process of establishing a balance between energy expenditure and energy intake and therefore plays a very important role in obesity. It is worth noting that people who are physically active often eat energy-rich foods, but when working conditions and lifestyles change, physical activity decreases, if they still maintain a habit of eating a lot, they are often fat .

This accounts for obesity in middle age, athletes after retirement or manual workers after retirement. Physical activity for overweight people should be done scientifically, in accordance with age and health condition.When physically active, the body feels hungry but needs to maintain a reduced diet. weigh, do not eat more. The practice of weight loss needs to be scientific, regular and according to each individual regime.

The practice of weight loss needs to be scientific, regular and according to each individual regime

Principles to help adults lose weight when overweight

The principle of obesity treatment is to reduce the amount of excess fat in the body by reducing energy intake through diet control and increasing energy expenditure through proper physical activity and adequate sleep.

In Vietnam, there are about 100 brands of weight-loss drugs in circulation, all of which have side effects and are harmful to the health of users.

How to effective and safe weight loss for obese people?

Eat many small meals

- Must eat according to his familiar menu but with reasonable adjustments. If you try to follow a rigid menu that is completely different from the daily diet, it can only be applied for a short period of time, so after losing, the weight will increase again.

- Do not starve, eat many small meals, each meal is less food than eating a few times with many foods.

- Choose low energy foods instead of starving.

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