How to eat eggs is healthier that not everyone knows?

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Eggs are considered a simple dish with great nutritional value that we all must recognize. Nutrition experts show you the 7 best ways to eat eggs, optimal absorption.

There are many people who say that, when they eat eggs, although they know that eggs are good for health, rich in nutrition but one drawback is that it is difficult to eat the egg yolk part because it feels a bit dry and hard. So, how to eat eggs better, absorb better nutrition?

Here are seven useful ways to help you feel the deliciousness of the egg and get more nutritional benefits from eggs through more diverse ways of processing and combining food.

How to eat eggs is healthier that not everyone knows?

How to make eggs good for health?

1. Beat the egg yolks and puree before cooking

Here's how to cook omelette. If cooking separate yolks and whites separately, the flavor will be very different, so the omelette usually has to be beaten to beat the yolks and whites together.

This is because the egg yolk lecithin is an emulsifier, which feels great when it comes to the perfect combination of eggs and cooking oil.

Also, while making fried eggs, you can add spices, if you want to limit the natural fishy smell of the egg, you can add a little white wine. Spices that you add to your eggs will make the omelette unique.

2. Cook the egg still in the heart (quickly boil the egg yolk young)

People think that egg yolks are not good or dry because your egg cooking technology / technique is not right, boiling too hard makes the eggs harden.

If you boil the egg for less time, the egg yolks are still a bit peachy, not overcooked, not only soft but also have a great seductive taste.

How to eat eggs is healthier that not everyone knows?

If you do not know how to boil, you can look at the clock or choose the "soft boiled egg" function in the pots with many cooking functions. When you add eggs, within 5-7 minutes the egg will be in the form of a peach. Boil longer and the eggs will ripen and the yolks become more dry.

When you have boiled an egg, you remove it immediately into cold water to make it easier to split the eggshell, cut the egg and sprinkle some salt, add a little lemon juice, eat when it is still hot, you will feel extremely excited. .

If you do not have a dedicated egg cooker, put the eggs in the pot and boil, then boil for another 3 minutes. Turn off the heat, cover tightly and let the eggs simmer for about 10 minutes.

3. Boiled egg with salad

Cut the egg white with egg yolk and mix into a salad. You can prepare chopped boiled eggs combined with vegetables to be made into vegetable salad or potato salad, adding boiled eggs will increase the flavor and nutritional value of the dish greatly.

The egg yolks after being chopped will become a puree, if mixed with the salad dressing or the sauce that goes with the dish, the diced egg portion is especially delicious when dipped in combination with the salad dressing.

In addition, egg yolks and salads are naturally related. This is because the egg yolk lecithin acts as an emulsifier and the perfect combination of the large amount of fat in a salad dressing with spices like vinegar will make the dish both delicious and nutritious.

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4. Cook egg soup

When cooking soup, such as tomato soup, if you add egg yolks before cooking, stirring a few times, egg yolks will dissolve into the soup, which can create a "milk soup" effect. This is because the egg yolk lecithin can emulsify a small amount of fat in the broth.

How to eat eggs is healthier that not everyone knows?

Common soups or soups can make egg dishes in this way, the nutritional effect is obvious.

5. Eggs cooked with vegetable porridge

After cooking millet porridge, rice porridge or brown rice porridge, any kind of porridge, you can mince the vegetables and cook with porridge. For example, you can add a vegetable porridge such as pumpkin, carrot, lettuce or cabbage, you can cook with porridge. Of course, the time to cook vegetables varies, for example leafy vegetables can be cooked in two or three minutes, and diced pumpkins will be cooked in seven or eight minutes.

While cooking fruits and vegetables, you can add cooked egg yolks and add 1 tablespoon sesame oil. The taste of vegetables will be softer and the flavor of porridge will be more fragrant, the dish will be particularly attractive and rich in nutrients.

6. Making egg fried rice

For fried rice, adding egg yolks at the end of the cooking process and stirring a few times before you can remove the rice from the pan is the best egg fried rice you have ever eaten.

Roasted rice is usually chopped with foods combined, if you add a little egg yolk, fried rice will be more fragrant, and the small yellow rice is also very beautiful. Just be aware that egg yolks are very "afraid" of being oxidized, should not be added to the pan too early, eggs exposed to hot oil in the pot for a long time will lose the inherent soft aroma of eggs.

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