How to eat and drink good for diabetics?

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The endocrinologist advises diabetics to adjust the order of food in their daily meals to prevent and treat diabetes. This is great information that you should not overlook.

At the 23rd National Academic Conference, the Diabetes Division of the Medical Association of Physicians Specialists summarized 3 dietary recommendations to serve as a standard basis for people with diabetes. .

Diabetes can eat anything, how important it is to eat. This is really important in the process of preventing and treating diseases.

However, how to "control the mouth" is not a simple matter and not everyone knows to get it right.

Some patients find it troublesome, whether they eat or drink accidentally or not, to feel the same fear of eating anything because it can cause fluctuations in blood sugar.

How to eat and drink good for diabetics?

The right way to eat for diabetics

1. Eat meat and fish first, then eat carbs (carbohydrates)

The characteristic of our diet is that the rice / noodle / noodle soup is considered to be the main food in the carbohydrate rich group, and the increase in blood sugar of this substance group is also most obvious. Because of this, starch-based foods have also become a tightly regulated food for people with diabetes.

People who want to lose weight often have to reduce starch. In fact, it is also hoped that by reducing the amount of carbohydrates you eat can achieve the goal of weight loss.

As a doctor, she also tried to lose weight by not eating the main food (rice), but after trying for some time, she fell into the feeling "both restless, worried, constipated. , bad breath, "so she had to immediately return to having to eat rice as usual.

The same is true of diabetics. If it's just a simple diet, it's hard to be persistent, it's not a good thing for health.

How to keep blood sugar stable while eating starchy foods (carbohydrates)?

How to eat and drink good for diabetics?

The doctor said:

People with diabetes should eat in the order of protein and vitamins (meat, fish, vegetables), then carbohydrates (starch), which help control blood sugar after eating.

This conclusion is supported by research by the American Diabetes Association. In this study, the first group started to eat carbohydrates and then meat and vegetables, and the second group ate meat and vegetables first and then carbohydrates.

The results: Group 1 (to eat starch first) has a fast increase in blood glucose and insulin levels after a meal, while group 2 (eat starch at the end of a meal) has no significant increase in blood glucose and insulin levels after a meal. eat.

The doctor explained that the mechanism of this diet for people with high blood sugar is to eat meat and vegetables first. These foods enter the small intestine and fill the small intestine. After that, carbohydrates enter the small intestine, which can slow down the absorption of carbohydrates. May improve postprandial hyperglycemia.

2. Eat less each meal, eat smaller meals, chew food slowly

Most people eat three meals a day and patients with diabetes are no exception. But compared to three meals a day, eating less food at each meal and dividing it into meals can further aid blood sugar control.

A study of 181 patients with type 2 diabetes was divided into a control and control group. The two groups had the same amount of calories, the experimental group ate 6 times a day, and the control group ate 3 times a day.

How to eat and drink good for diabetics?

Three months later, the comparison results showed that compared to the control group, the experimental group divided into several meals had better control of blood sugar.

Eating less and eating more meals also achieves the goal of controlling sugar by controlling the rate of carbohydrate absorption. "It is normal for the body to absorb a meal within two hours, but this way of eating (breaking down) can last up to 4 hours."

However, the premise of eating fewer meals is to eat more meals with the same amount of calories. If you eat snacks between three meals, the total amount of calories goes up, which is not conducive to blood sugar.

3. Eat more fiber

How you eat and drink is very important, and what you eat is special. The modern diet is getting more sophisticated, and eating more refined foods. But in fact, a healthy diet needs to ensure adequate amounts of fiber.

A study published in the famous journal The Lancet in 2019 showed that when we consume 25-29g of fiber daily, it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer. Colorectal cancer and death.

Doctors say that absorbable fiber can not only increase satiety, help with weight loss, but also prevent constipation.

A high-fiber diet can improve blood sugar levels by altering diabetic gut bacteria to promote carbohydrate fermentation.

In fact, the three principles of diet for people with diabetes above are not very strange, but they are supported by research data. We hope more people will believe in these principles and follow them.

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