How to dry hair fast without using a hair dryer

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A hair dryer is the true "savior" for fast hair drying, but it's also harmful for your hair.

If you leave your hair wet, water may seep into your scalp causing headaches and many other diseases. But waiting for your hair to dry takes a long time! Here, Break suggests to you how to dry your hair quickly without subjecting the hair to heat like when using hair dryers.

5 ways to dry hair fast

1. Use hair conditioner and a large tooth comb

An interesting fact is that hair conditioner not only helps your hair become smoother, but also makes your hair dry faster. The silicone in hair conditioners wraps around the hair, making it difficult for water to penetrate the hair, thereby the drying process will be much quicker.

How to dry hair fast without using a hair dryer

However, this is a quick way to dry hair for girls who already have strong hair. Because using hair care products with too much silicone is another threat to your hair. The combs also have stronger impact on your hair when your hair is wet (wet hair is when the hair is weakest). Your hair will be prone to breakage, so you need to be extra careful when applying this quick drying method.

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2. Use dry tissue papers

After shampooing and drying your hair with cotton towels, you can continue to use dry tissue paper to absorb the remaining water. Your hair after being dried by tissue papers will be almost drained completely , so you'll save much time on drying your hair.

How to dry hair fast without using a hair dryer

3. Dry the hair root first

How to dry hair fast without using a hair dryer

Hair roots are the most concentrated place of water, so it's also the most difficult place to dry. To dry your hair quickly, focus drying the hardest part first - the hair roots. Use a towel or dry tissue paper to gently blot the hair roots, then you can use a fan or a dryer. This will save a lot of time for you.

4. The Plopping method

How to dry hair fast without using a hair dryer

If you have naturally curly or curled hair, you can try the Plopping method. Plopping not only helps your hair dry quickly but also keeps the sticky hair in the right order. Proceed as follows:

After shampooing and applying hair lotion / cream, place a sleeveless T-shirt on the surface closest to you, so that the neck and sleeves are facing you. Next, his head hung his hair down in the middle of the shirt.
Maintain the position of hair, pull the bottom of the shirt up the nape so that all the hair is wrapped in the shirt. Then, tie the buttons tightly on the sleeves that you just closed. Hold the top of the shirt for about 10 minutes to allow the cloth to dehumidify, then remove the shirt as the hair is almost dry.

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5. Use drying products

How to dry hair fast without using a hair dryer

For busy women, using support products is probably the fastest way to dry hair. Typically, drying products will have a polymers that create heat when sprayed into the hair, which helps water on the hair automatically evaporate, thereby drying faster.

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