How to deodorize your shoes?

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How to deodorize shoes with simple ingredients easy to earn, get rid of foot smell quickly and easily, bring comfort and aroma to the legs after each use of shoes.

Regardless of when using a certain thing on the body, the items will come into contact with the skin and sweat, the smell and unpleasant odor that comes out is the thing of course that you always feel. For shoes too, if you are a person who regularly carries shoes when going out of the house, the more you have to note this. The article below will indicate why your shoes have a foul smell and how to overcome them fast and the best.

Why does the shoe smell bad?

How to deodorize your shoes?
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  Your feet contain 250,000 sweat glands. When those sweat glands are trapped in a shoe that is not ventilated, sweat and warmth will create a place of reproduction of bacteria.

Some common causes may come as:

  • Because your foot sweat secreted much for hot sun.
  • Because you clean your legs, socks and shoes are not yet regular.
  • Because you use long-term shoes and use 1 continuous pair.
  • Because the shoes and design material are not ventilated, the legs are mysterious.

Terrible shoe smell is the result of bacteria multiplies in the sweat environment of the shoe. To remove the odorless shoes, you need to destroy the bacteria.  

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Effective deodorant methods

Deodorant with lemon

How to deodorize your shoes?
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  Orange, lemon, grapefruit is the fruits are extremely familiar to everyone, not only the shells of these fruits are used in reducing odors of shoes, because in these categories contain a number of acids help to destroy all mushrooms and bacteria, besides it also has an essential oil that helps to dispel odors extremely effective. You only need to take the shell and cut into thin slices of rubbing around the surface of the shoe and to dry naturally overnight. The next morning, you will see shoes that are smelling and still retain the cool aroma.  

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Water and vinegar mixtures

The mixture of water and vinegar has been proven to be able to remove odors for your shoes. It is necessary to mix water and white vinegar that has passed the distillation in the 1:1 ratio. Keep this mixture in the lining and the sole of the shoe, then dry for about 30 minutes. You can also use a hairdryer if you are in a hurry and want quick-dry shoes. Then let the salt hatch into the shoe and leave overnight.

Use with baking soda

Thanks to the hygroscopic feature that people often use baking soda to prevent food from being moist and damaged. At the same time, it also eliminates odor quickly. This is applied by everyone in ways that deodorizes the shoes, cleansed household items.  

How to deodorize your shoes?
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  Steps to take:  

Before you do so, you must make sure your shoes are dry.  

Step 1: Take about 2 teaspoons of baking soda and give inside the shoes.

Step 2: Use the handshake lightly to baking soda evenly down to the top position.

Step 3: The next morning, you just pour out the dough and use it as usual. It is not necessary to clean the shoes, as the leftover baking soda will help to better desiccant and deodorant.

Tips to keep from stinking

1. Wash and exfoliating the legs to avoid stinking

Since the stinky shoes start with a stinky foot, it seems like it's a good place to get started. Good foot hygiene practice can help keep the smell of legs.  

Wash your feet daily: even if you don't bathe or bathe every day, take the time to wash your feet with warm soapy water. Rinse and then dry with a clean, dry towel. Make sure you clean up between the toes where bacteria love to grow.  

Exfoliating: Removing dead skin can reduce the smell of legs. Rub your feet with a piece of exfoliating or foam stone.  

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2. Use Deodorant spray

On the market today there are many kinds of deodorant sprays for shoes with different segments, and it is easy for you to find the most suitable type. The use of deodorant spray will significantly reduce the smell that is accumulated on your shoes, and if you are a habit of wearing everyday shoes, this is a perfect choice.  

To keep your shoes from being fragrant and not to smell, the work you need to do is apply simple and effective deodorant methods, next to knowing how to keep them from odors. Changing the socks per day for shoes is also a thing to do to limit sweat accumulation on socks and impact on severe odor consequences for your shoes.  

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