How to delete your old tweets? These 5 tools will do the work

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Everyone definitely will have one time in their life want to erase their old social activities. So how can they do that on Twitter?

Who doesn’t regret their old social activities? Your playful tweets once could seem like half-witted jesting now. To help you clean your mess, I have collected mass delete tweets tools in this article.

First, let’s discuss deleting Tweets directly from Twitter?

Now, well, if you’re sure about a few tweets you want to delete, you can just manually delete them from Twitter.

Twitter has no way to mass delete tweets or to delete multiple tweets of a specific time period. So, deleting tweets with Twitter means manually scrolling your Twitter wall and deleting tweets.

But, really, who has time for that? Especially, if you’ve filled your Twitter with tweets using Twitter publishing tools.

In any case, where you need to mass delete tweets, I would advise you to pick one of the tweets deleting tools.

Twitter only allows deletion of up to 3,200 tweets at once. So, whichever tool you select, they will only delete up to 3,200 tweets at once.

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5 Bulk Tweet Delete Tools:

1. Tweet Deleter:

How to delete your old tweets? These 5 tools will do the work

Tweet Deleter according to me is the best site out there to mass delete tweets.

They offer a variety of ways to filter and delete your tweets. You can delete tweets based on date, media type, and tweet type.

For example, if you just wish to delete retweets, you can select Retweets in Tweet Deleter and just delete retweets.

Another good thing about Tweet Deleter is that it displays all your tweets on the right, so you know what you’re deleting before it’s gone forever.

They also have auto delete feature to automate your tweet deletion process. Just set the days and number of tweets you wish to keep and get rid of old tweets.

Most of the basic features are free and you can easily use their free version to delete unimportant tweets.

2. Tweet Delete:

How to delete your old tweets? These 5 tools will do the work

Tweet delete is a simple one-click site to get rid of your old tweets at a recurring pace.

If you set tweet delete duration to three months then automatically your tweets that turn three months old get deleted.

If you wish to clear all your tweets, then you can select the option, “Delete all my existing tweets before activating this schedule.”

You can also turn off Tweet Delete at any point and turn off the service in just one click.

The best part is that they this site is free to use so you can easily get rid of your unnecessary tweets with Tweet Delete.

3. TwitWipe:

How to delete your old tweets? These 5 tools will do the work

Twit Wipe is another Twitter cleanser that will let you clean all your Tweets at once.

This simple tool would work in a click and wipe all your tweets as you authenticate with Twitter.

It’s useful if you’re sure to delete all your tweets and need no cross-checking or validating before all your tweets are deleted.

One thing to make sure is that Twit Wipe doesn’t seem to work perfectly with retweets and their deletion can get stuck with your retweets. So, if you have a lot of retweets, I would suggest you to use some other tool in the list.

And not to forget, Twit Wipe mass delete tweets feature is also free, so you can surely give it a try.

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4. Cardigan

How to delete your old tweets? These 5 tools will do the work

An unusual name for a task like Tweet deletion, Cardigan is quite a handy tool.

Cardigan supports both mass delete tweets and delete likes.

Another striking thing about Cardigan is their simple and clean interface.

Just like all other Twitter tools, Cardigan can also delete just 3,200 tweets at once. Just fetch your tweets from Twitter using Cardigan and delete tweets you no longer wish to keep.

Cardigan also supports deleting Twitter likes if you need to do it for whatsoever reason.

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5. Tweet Eraser:

How to delete your old tweets? These 5 tools will do the work

Last on our list but still quite effective, Tweet Eraser is a great site to mass delete tweets.

The site offers 3 erasers; free, standard, and premium.

Their free version usually suffices the basic tweet deletion requirement. Just select how you wish to delete the tweets and the deletion frequency and the tool takes care of the rest.

To end it here:

Whether you’re saving yourself from a boss or an ex, or your own foolishness or political drama, I hope one of the tools above helped you to get rid of unnecessary tweets.

They are all pretty much same and provide similar feature so you can pick any one that suits your requirement.

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