How to cook perfect rice that not everyone knows

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Cooking rice is a simple daily task, but some of the following tips will help you how to cook delicious rice, plastic attractive family love.

How to cook delicious rice simple, but you need to note about how to wash rice, soak rice as well as rice island to have delicious plastic bowls.

How to cook perfect rice

Wash rice properly:

Rice washing is also very important that you need to keep in mind, when washing rice, you need to drain the water into the pot and use your hands to stir to remove dirt, grit or rice husk from the rice.

How to cook perfect rice that not everyone knows

Wash the rice twice and pour the water away to make it clean so that the rice will be whiter and more flexible.

Note, when washing rice you should not rub vigorously because it will reduce the amount of vitamins and the amount of substance attached to the outside of the rice.

Recipe: number of rice bowls = number of water bowls + extra 1/2 cup. For example: 1 cup of rice will add 1.5 cups of water.

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Soak the rice before cooking:

How to cook perfect rice that not everyone knows

One of the instructions of how to cook delicious rice is that when you wash the rice, you put water into the pot to soak the rice for about 30 minutes.

The purpose of such soaking of rice will help the rice to ripen faster and become more flexible.

Cook rice with ice and cooking oil:

After pouring water into the pot, you add 2 to 3 ice cubes in, for about 15 minutes before you start plugging in, press the cook button.

How to cook perfect rice that not everyone knows

It is one of the ways that Japanese people use to cook fragrant and sticky rice. Explaining scientifically, stone will delay the water uptake time of the rice, which will increase its plasticity.

Secondly, putting ice in rice will increase the amount of amino acids, prevent enzymes from breaking down the sweetness in the rice grain, giving a much better taste.

Pour a few drops of sesame oil, butter or olive oil into the water and then press the cook button will also help the rice grains soft, flexible and shiny.

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Cultivating rice:

How to cook perfect rice that not everyone knows

After the rice is cooked, you should immediately lift the pot and use the chopsticks to stir the rice, let the steam escape for about 1 minute and then cover again, add another 10 minutes to remove.

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