How to condition hair increasingly thick and silky?

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Did you know that natural ingredients will keep your hair smooth and shiny?

Hair is an important part of a woman's appearance and beauty. Therefore, women in the past focused on nourishing and caring for the hair with natural ingredients. These materials are still used to this day as a method of beauty hair is both safe and effective, and cost-effective.

How to condition hair increasingly thick and silky?

How to moisturize thick and silky hair?

Therefore, if you want to have long, sleek hair, you can refer to the following methods.

1. Use grapefruit essential oil

Since ancient times, mothers and sisters know how to choose grapefruit peel to help their long, shiny hair.

Studies on the effects of grapefruit peel show that grapefruit peel accounts for 0.15% of grapefruit essential oil with 2 main components: limonene (41.45% - 84.62%) and myrcen (8.28% - 50 , 66%) nourishes hair, stimulates hair growth faster and thicker, and reduces hair loss is very effective.

How to condition hair increasingly thick and silky?


- Before using grapefruit essential oil, wash your hair and let your hair dry. A clean scalp helps open the roots of hair, thereby increasing the efficiency of penetrating grapefruit essential oil into the hair follicles.

- Spray grapefruit essential oil on the hair roots and around the scalp then gently massage to penetrate the grapefruit essential oil into hair follicles more effectively.

- No need to wash your hair after using grapefruit oil, should do 1-2 times / day to get the best effect.

2. Use beer

Beer is fermented mainly from barley germs, so the beer is rich in hair-beneficial nutrients such as vitamin B1, vitamin B12, vitamin H (biotin), magnesium, iron ... These are all sources of hair moisturizing, nourishing. Hair follicles from the outside very well. They strengthen the hair cell germ and help care from deep within the hair roots.

Xanthohumol and Iso-alpha-Bitter Acid are two active ingredients in beer that have bactericidal effects, strengthen the hair cuticle, make hair grow longer and thicker, moisturize hair roots and scalp while limiting oxygen process Chemical hair fibers effectively.

How to condition hair increasingly thick and silky?


- Pour beer into a bowl and leave overnight for carbon dioxide compounds - an active ingredient in beer that makes hair weak and sclerotic to evaporate.

- After washing with shampoo and letting hair dry, use prepared beer to wet the entire hair and gently massage.

- Use a damp cloth to wrap hair for an additional 15 minutes, then wash your hair again with warm water.

3. Olive oil

In olive oil contains many ingredients that help improve weak hair germ, nourish hair grow long and thick such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin E, ..

Beneficial fats like omega 3, omega 6 and carotene have the ability to nourish hair growth longer and antioxidant hair with the ability to destroy free radicals harmful to hair.

How to condition hair increasingly thick and silky?


- Prepare an appropriate amount of olive oil to apply to hair roots and scalp.

- Massage scalp gently in a spiral 10 minutes.

- Use a wide-tooth comb to comb evenly, then use a damp cloth to wrap hair for an additional 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water with shampoo.

4. Locust

The main component of sapodilla is saponin, this is a mixture of foaming yellow substance that has effective anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and cleansing effect. Besides, locust contains flavonozit compound, including saponaretin which is one of the most effective hair loss and dandruff-preventing blends for hair.

Bodhi shampoo has the effect of shiny black hair, while helping to restore hair safety and help make hair grow longer longer, especially effective scalp fungus treatment.


- Use a handful of grilled grass for aromatic then put in boiling water.

- Wait for it to cool and then use this water to wash your hair.

Hopefully, after applying these methods, you will have a long stream of hair that is soft, smooth and naturally healthy.

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