How to come out of the closet without making your parents upset

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What people in the LGBT community fear most when coming out is not the discriminatory eyes of those around them, but rather the opposition of their family.

For people of the LGBT community, "come out" is always a difficult and difficult journey. However, we can not forever hide ourselves in "cover", to live a falsehood with ourselves and those around us. At some point, you have to stand up to show your ego, to be yourself. Here are some tips to make this easier and easier.

How to come out of the closet

1. Accept

How to come out of the closet without making your parents upset

The first and most important person you need to come out to is yourself. If you "reject" yourself, why would others accept it? This is the first step in the "come out" journey.

2. Respect

Acceptance and respect are two completely different categories. You can tell yourself a thousand times that "I'm gay, I'm lesbian..." and finally accept it for yourself. But you're only happy to respect yourself.

3. Talk to a friend

How to come out of the closet without making your parents upset

If you keep suppressing your feelings forever, you may go crazy. The best way is to choose a friend who is most reliable, most trustworthy to you and "open up" to them. Not only that, you may get some helpful advice from that person.

4. Planning to "come out"

You need to build a specific and detailed plan to "come out". At the same time, you also have to think about situations that might occur when you come out. Let yourself "rehearse" the solution.

5. No third-party intervention

"Come out" is a private and very important job, so you should be the one who opens the word directly and not ask others to speak for you. Because when you pass information from one person to another, it is possible that the "three-star lost" situation makes things more complicated.

6. Be mentally stable

When you decide to confess yourself, be prepared to face all questions from people. You need to be mentally strong as you may face strong objections and even offensive words that hurt you.

7. Spend time with your relatives and friends

Don't be too impatient when you want people to accept your sexual orientation. Relatives and friends need some time to gradually accept that you belong to the LGBT community.

8. Understand your parents' feelings

How to come out of the closet without making your parents upset

It is not easy for parents to be gay or transgender. To them, upon hearing this news, the whole world seemed to collapse at their feet. Please understand and sympathize with their negative reactions (if any). You need to help your parents calm down to solve everything.

9. Choose the right time

Timing also plays an important part in determining the success of "come out". You know your family best. So you have to decide when to tell the truth.

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