How to clean kitchen sink

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In this life, surely every family has a sink for themselves. Cleaning the tub will always bring you and your family delicious food and great health.

Read the article below to know how to clean smart at home!

How to clean kitchen sink

Disinfect with Baking soda:

How to clean kitchen sink

Sprinkle baking soda on the wet surface of the sink, leave for a few minutes, then scrub with an old sponge or brush. It only takes a bit of time for you to have a shiny new shiny sink.


You can also cut the lime to scrub the pedestal, countertops and wash your sink and faucet with a wet washcloth.

Combining salt and lemon:

How to clean kitchen sink

Combining lemon juice and salt will create a mixture similar to toothpaste. This is considered a great natural detergent for sinks made of brass, stainless steel. After scrubbing with a mixture of salt and lemon, make sure to rinse the tub with water.

Removing grease and grease:

Greasy adhesives in the sink, sewer pipes can be overcome with detergent and boiling water. Boiling water will quickly melt the fat and you only need to clean it with detergent. With grease on the pan, pot, cup, plate, you can also apply the above way.

Salt, vinegar and hot water:

How to clean kitchen sink

To keep the drain clean, pour at least one teaspoon of salt into the drain, add 1/4 cup of white vinegar and let stand for an hour. Then pour hot water into it. For best results, you should repeat this again. In addition, you can also pour a little bleach into the sink, leave overnight or at least an hour and then drain the drain.

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