How to cancel a job interview courteously and skillfully

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It is never easy to say no, especially if you refuse a job offer that you have found difficult to obtain.

So how to refuse to maintain a good relationship with employers and expand the opportunity to work together in the future? Check out the following suggestions!

How to cancel a job interview 

Answer as soon as possible:

How to cancel a job interview courteously and skillfully

We all want more options for us and need time to "measure and measure" before making a decision. However, it is not fair for businesses or other candidates to apply together if you extend the time to answer. Whether you choose to communicate by phone or email, you should notify the employer as soon as possible. Responding quickly is important to be polite and to avoid burning the relationship with the employer because you might apply to the company again.

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Express gratitude:

How to cancel a job interview courteously and skillfully

Did you know that employers may take hours to read resumes, search for you on social networks, review your work experience among many other profiles and interview your question? So, remember to express your gratitude for the time and effort they have given you, for example: “Thank you very much for the position ... I appreciate you taking the time. To review my resume and answer a lot of my questions about the company and the job ”or“ Thank you once again for last week's interview, it was great to have the opportunity to meet your potential colleagues as well as see the office. I would love to learn more about the position ..., and I am excited to receive this offer. "

Give a brief reason:

How to cancel a job interview courteously and skillfully

You don't need to give a detailed reason why you're refusing, or expressing that you've spent a terrible time making a decision, just a basic explanation is enough. For example, "After careful consideration, I accepted an offer to work at another company" or "Although this position has a lot of potential for growth, I decided to pursue a different role." many opportunities to realize your passion ”.

If the position doesn't look right and your only real reason is to continue looking for a job rather than accept it, simply say, “This job doesn't suit my career goals at the time. this ”. Whatever you give, keep the message as concise, respectful and polite as possible.

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Desire to keep in touch:

How to cancel a job interview courteously and skillfully

The world looks for jobs, especially in very small jobs. Therefore, creating good relationships with employers can give you the opportunity to work with them in the future or with people they know. You can start building relationships by referring to the issues discussed in the interview as an event or conference that both you and the employer will attend. For example, "I hope to see you next month at the conference ...". If not, you can give a nice greeting such as "Thank you for taking the time for me and wish you all the best" or "It's a pleasure to know you, Hopefully we will have many opportunities to meet in the future. ”

Rejecting a job offer, even if you don't want it is not easy, but this is an indispensable part of the dream job search journey that you need to go through. So, be professional and polite so that although not cooperating in the present but still do not close the "door" to work together in the future!

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