How to become a vegetarian: 10 simple steps for everyone

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Being a vegetarian has many benefits. But it's just hard to become one.

Everyone has a reason to become a vegetarian. However, the first time you try to be a vegetarian will be quite difficult, especially for those who are used to eating meat. Here Break would like to introduce 10 steps for you to make the transition from eating meat to vegetarian in a simple way.

How to become a vegetarian

1. Reading

Research, study, read lots of books and scientific studies related to vegetarianism. You will see how miraculous it works and create the knowledge you need to persevere on your vegetarian path. Knowledge is power.

2. Thinking

Take some time to think about the animals, our bodies, about the Earth, how our food choices affect people and the world. There is no need to make any decisions, as long as you allow yourself time to think.

How to become a vegetarian: 10 simple steps for everyone

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3. Talk

Before you fully understand vegetarianism, you can talk to vegetarians and even vegetarians. After that, ask yourself and everyone, share your thoughts, and meet more with vegetarians. Finally, think more about changing your diet.

4. Set goals

You can create a small game, such as betting with your friends about the whole month you will not touch a piece of meat at all. If you set some humorous goals, it will be easier for you to become a vegetarian.

5. Cooking

Learning to cook dishes in new ways is fun. You can go to the bookstore and choose a vegetarian cookbook. Try new recipes. Allow yourself to be creative and excited about it. As such, non-meat dishes are not only easily processed, but also have no limits at all with your creativity.

How to become a vegetarian: 10 simple steps for everyone

6. Eat

The way we eat affects a lot on our health and how we perceive our food. Try a new way of eating. When eating, you need to chew carefully, enjoy each piece, slowly, feel the taste and see how you feel when experiencing the food in this way!

7. Listen

Trying to identify your body's needs is important so you know what you really need and see how. Go to sleep when you are tired. Eat when you are hungry. Feel which foods are good or bad for your body. Pay attention to how foods consume your energy, emotions, moods, and concentration. You need to respect your body and learn how to connect what you put into your body and what you release.

8. Experience

Life is full of great things to learn, try changing to a different lifestyle like "being a vegetarian" like drinking more of fruit juices, learning about diets that help you live longer, play a new sport, practice yoga, learn a new language ... Do whatever you are interested in and feel the difference in being a vegetarian!

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9. Be mentally prepared

You may encounter barriers from family and friends. This is something Chap has encountered many times when he started to become a vegetarian and even now. Experience is that you have to be ready for that and believe in yourself. You also need to prepare for your own inferiority because you will sometimes ask yourself: "Do I eat that way with enough quality? Is this what I am doing? Is this normal because sometimes people still "get lost": D. Relax, talk to your supporters, re-read vegetarian books and review where you are still stuck to find ways to adjust.

How to become a vegetarian: 10 simple steps for everyone

10. Celebrating vegetarian days

Mark on the calendar the time you stopped eating meat and celebrate the day by giving yourself a gift. This is a way to help you become more interested in your vegetarian diet. But be aware, vegetarian is an ongoing process and this is just the beginning. Be vegetarian with all your heart.

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