How to be successful

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Every one of us has our own potential. But how can we exploit it? How can we make it shine? Well, that's sure not an easy task.

Habits will determine success.

How to be successful
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I'll give you a little exercise! With 24 hours a day, you're doing things with repetitive properties, there's a rule of thumb: "You can't save time, you can only use it differently.", so do your writing exercise:

What more do you do?
What will you do less?
What will you start doing that you've never done before? 

What will you stop doing? Be really focused, when you decide to stop some things, apply these two rules.

People who act purposefully and plan often have many opportunities to succeed. How can life give you something if you don't know what you want yourself? How can others help you succeed if you yourself have not determined how to succeed. Only when you have a clear purpose can you overcome your failures and adversity that hinder your path.

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Rule of zero

The zero milestone rule says if something you did in the past and in the period from start to present, with new experiences, experiences, knowledge, if you decide; If you leave it, you should stop it.

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80/20 rule

How to be successful
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The 80/20 rule states that 20% of things, phenomena, and work make up 80% of effectiveness, so stop things that when you do 80% only create 20% efficiency.

Life and success are a series of days of learning, knowledge and practicing positive habits. The above rules have been used effectively by many successful people in the world in developing their careers.

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