How to be more confident?

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If at any time in your life that you feel are lacking in confidence, please read this article.

The Break has aggregated the reasons why you lack confidence and how to fix them.

Why be confident

How to be more confident?

Lead to action, action that leads to success  

The confidence is like the tycoon of all development itself.  

When you are confident, you will stop feeling yourself about your oddly things.  

When you are confident, you will stop worrying about what others think and stop guessing the second of your decision.  

When you are confident, you can face your biggest fears. Whether it's something specific like becoming better at public speaking...  

Simply go ALL AND pursue your dreams.   In short, confidence is the difference between thinking about doing something and really doing it. And that's why it's so important to succeed – in all areas of life.  

Especially when it comes to business and sales. And even more if you sell services, coaching, or online courses. And there is science to back this, too.  

In particular, a study by Don Moore at the University of Carnegie Mellon shows that people are more likely to buy advice from a more confident seller. Crazy part? It doesn't even matter if that seller was wrong in the past.  

So if you want people to listen to you, listen to your advice and ultimately purchase from you, confident is the most important thing.  

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Why you lack confidence

Ability to have insufficient knowledge  

You will lack confidence when you are poor or not knowledgeable about a problem. Therefore, lack of confidence only usually appears before us at the age of 35 to fall. When our minds have tolerated a huge amount of knowledge, the less confident sign will be less raging. In essence, it still occurs, but with much softer frequency and tempo.  

How to be more confident?  

Limited experience  

The second factor is equally important as experience, or in other words, your real experience of a problem. OK, we talk about women, right? So you need to be clear about how you're going to attract her? When going out together what will you do? Before kissing her what will you do? Or what to do when she is not fit or floating?  

I still say that the smarter way is to get someone else's experience to succeed. But not without experience. If you only read it, you only get through Part 1 (above). You will be confident because of what you know, but deep in human beings you still have a broken stuff... This vulnerability bears the name of EXPERIENCE.  

Often has a negative attitude  

With a negative attitude, you will always be in your "denial" and "excuses" posture. Instead of getting in front of her and making a story, the thoughts are like "Well, she doesn't like herself" or "Today you look no good to make excuses for your job.   And when this is increasingly more frequent and persistent. You will lose your confidence in a pathetic way.  

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Tips for more confidence

1. Positive thoughts to overcome your negative bias.  

In the early days, people learned to eat lunch or lunch. Our natural negative bias has kept us safe from danger for thousands of years. But not everything new or other is a threat to our survival. This negative bias can lose our confidence because we'd love to pay attention to everything we did wrong.   The FBI agent is taught to hunt good things. Sometimes it can be tough because the information is aggressive like Teflon and easily disappears. But negative information, like Velcro, sticks.  

How to make it work for you:  

Let's give five positive thoughts to fight off every negative mindset.   Let every positive mindset sit for 20 seconds before moving on to the next positive mindset.   Recognition of both good and bad emotions.   Do not try to destroy negative ones.   Labeling emotions for what they really are and continue. Do not take part in the inner dialogue on negative emotions because then it becomes stronger.  

2. Remedy for self-doubt.  

If you lack confidence, you will always feel like you are merciful to others. When you assume the psychological victim, you are no longer resilient to obstacles and the inevitable barrier of life.   FBI staff goes to where they need to be, not where they feel most comfortable. I was assigned the investigation, I do not know how to solve. But my thoughts are this: drop me in the middle of any squad or any situation, anywhere, anytime. I will not be scared because I am confident I will succeed wherever you are.  

How to make it work for you:  

No one apart from you is preventing you from achieving what you want to achieve. It's time to identify areas where you suspect yourself and remove those barriers.  

3. Face your fears.  

When we feel the control, we are not scared. When we have a level of comfort with something, it's not scary. When we don't feel the control, we don't think clearly because our emotional brain is in a driving position and take over. This is why fears often seem random and unreasonable, our emotions are controlled.   For added safety, FBI specialties are taught to be closer to the threat. There is nothing good to avoid, deny or ignore fears.  

How to make it work for you:  

Professor Ronald Siegel of the Harvard Medical School proposed this in his book, The Mindfulness Solution:   Think about your worst fears. Spend time with it. Now make your fears worse by coming closer to it. Imagine the worst thing that can happen. Now focus on your breath. Feel your body relaxed. Look, you didn't die, right? You are on your way to conquer your fears.

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