How to be friends with an ex

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After a breakup with many hurts, deciding whether to make friends with your ex or not is still a difficult problem that you must ponder and think a lot.

When deciding to be friends with your ex, you should abide by the following rules:

How to be friends with an ex

Don't talk to each other for the first time:

How to be friends with an ex

Don't think you can immediately become friends after breaking up. All must go through the "no-face-to-face" stage. That's because you both need to calmly rethink the relationship and really prepare yourself mentally to be friends again. Being hasty as a friend after a breakup will make both of you fall in love and habits when you are still in love. This is not good at all.

Both agree on basic rules:

If you and your ex agree to become friends, you should set some rules that both of you must not exceed. For example: If you are dating someone new, your ex has no right to interfere, advise or disrupt.

Don't be passive:

How to be friends with an ex

Like other relationships, friendships also need to be open and honest. If the person repeats actions that upset you over and over again, be frank.

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If you see something wrong, stop it:

The post-breakup friendship is not a good idea for everyone. Depending on the particular situation, you decide whether or not to make friends with your ex. If your previous partner was a romantic, it would be easy to pass the word "friend". Or if your emotions are still strong when talking or seeing the person, then become a stranger.

Don't spend too much time hanging out:

How to be friends with an ex

Even when hanging out with a group of friends, this can make you both feel uncomfortable. Spend some time getting used to your loneliness before starting a new relationship. Only when you are sure that you have controlled your previous feelings of love can you face your ex.

Emotional norm:

How to be friends with an ex

We all have to admit that not all relationships are worth saving. It is useless to waste your time trying to befriend someone who has betrayed and deceived you. Making you both requires each other to respect each other. So, depending on how your relationship ends, decide whether or not to return to being a friend.

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Respect for your ex:

How to be friends with an ex

Friendship is like love, needing cooperation from both sides. Don't push or make them feel guilty for not making friends with you. Everything takes time and willingness, you just wait, maybe someone will change his mind someday. However, in reality, not every couple can make friends after the tau. So, although you may be perfect, going back can make you impossible. Why is that? Very simple, because life is like that. Sometimes people or relationships, no matter what you want or try, cannot keep them in your life. Therefore, the advice for you is to let things happen in the most natural way.

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