How to be a good kisser?

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A sweet and hot kiss can make your partner hard to forget and love you more.

Here are 6 things you need to remember to be a good kisser.

How to be a good kisser?

Good oral hygiene:

Nothing can kill a kiss faster than a smelling breath. So the first thing you need to remember is to keep your mouth fresh. Before going to see him or her, brush your teeth clean regardless of when they are. Avoid kissing when your mouth smells like garlic, onions, etc. If possible, you should always bring oral spray and use it regularly throughout the day. And if you are having dental problems, then quickly handle definitely.

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How to be a good kisser?

Pay attention to the opening of the mouth:

What you need to note here is to relax your lips enough to help you and your partner can cuddle with each other easily, comfortably. Start the kiss by caressing your lips, then proceed to feel deep inside your mouth.

Don't leave your hands idle:

How to be a good kisser?

Using your hands while kissing can make the kiss more passionate. But it is not her hair pulling. Suggest that during kissing, use your hand to caress your partner on the neck, back, arms, waist and hair or simply the face. Do not be too violent lest your partner can be hurt. "

Care about the movement of the tongue:

Do not choke the opponent by pushing his / her tongue deep inside. Relax and do it slowly. Let the tip of your tongue caress the partner's tongue gently.

Not every kiss leads to "sex":

How to be a good kisser?

Not necessarily after kissing is "sex". So when you kiss, you need to be sensitive to the needs of the other person. Maybe he / she is not ready for sex immediately. One way that a kiss doesn't lead you to sex is to not cuddle your "sensitive" areas with your fingers but to stroked "safe" areas like the neck, arms, back, waist, and so on. You are all ready for sex after the kiss, of course, no problem.

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Don't stare at your partner while kissing:

You may be curious and want to see how your partner is kissing but constantly staring at him / her while kissing is a taboo. Dr Rajan said: "There is nothing wrong with occasionally peeking at them but if you keep staring, you can make the other person lose interest."

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