How effective beauty from coffee?

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No need to use expensive cosmetics, you absolutely have smooth white skin, healthy hair if you know how to use coffee grounds in the following way ...

After each coffee, we remove the residue or fertilize the tree. However, few people know that it has extremely useful effects in beauty, bringing a series of the most wonderful. Here are 8 beauty uses from coffee grounds, you learn and apply to have smooth, bright white skin to confidently play Tet!

How beauty from coffee

1. Exfoliating

The effect of exfoliating from coffee grounds is said to be extremely effective because the coffee grounds have countless tiny particles to gently remove the old, rough, dead skin cells with dirt and sebum. in pores, resulting in smooth, bright skin. Moreover, clean skin after exfoliating with coffee grounds is also easy to absorb nutrients from cosmetics.

How effective beauty from coffee?

The coffee grounds have countless tiny particles that gently remove dead cells.

2. Treatment of dark circles eyes

You often stay up all night making the eyes look dark like a panda and you're struggling to figure out how to remedy this situation. So coffee grounds is your ideal choice. As known, coffee grounds contain a large amount of caffeine - a substance that is very effective in stimulating blood circulation and anti-inflammatory, regular use of dark circles and eyelids significantly reduced. No need to interfere with costly cosmetic procedures.

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3. Eliminate stretch marks

From the past until now, coffee grounds are always considered to be discarded but in fact this is the "panacea" of women in the treatment of stretch marks caused by pregnancy or weight gain too quickly during puberty. When used, coffee grounds provide essential nutrients that help increase resistance to healthier skin, stimulate collagen production, evenen skin tone and enhance elasticity, gradually stretch marks gradually disappear. .

Coffee grounds help to treat stretch marks in women.

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4. Helps prevent wrinkles

Women over 30, the face skin began to appear wrinkles and this is no small concern. So, coffee grounds are what can help you prevent tiny wrinkles on the face extremely effectively. The nutritious ingredients of coffee grounds will help moisturize, increase elasticity, stimulate skin regeneration, give skin a soft, plump texture.

How to make a mask with coffee grounds as follows: Use coffee grounds, refined salt, honey, sugar each 1 teaspoon mixed with 1 egg white and apply on the face, gently massage for 10 minutes. Avoid the eyes and mouth. Then wash your face with warm water. This mask should only be used once a week.

How effective beauty from coffee?

5. Help to deodorize body odor

Coffee grounds are effective for deodorizing the body by: after bathing, mix coffee grounds and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to create a paste, then apply on the armpits and massage gently . Coffee grounds absorb sweat efficiently, keeping the armpits open and eliminating unpleasant odors.

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Coffee grounds are used to help deodorize the body extremely effectively.

6. Help to treat underarm

On the female body, armpits, buttocks, bikini areas are very prone to bruising, looks extremely unsightly. To overcome this situation, you use coffee grounds. Because this type of residue has the ability to repel dark circles, inhibiting the production of melanin pigment helps the skin be more smooth and smooth. Only after a short time using coffee grounds, you can comfortably wear your favorite outfits.

7. Help anti-aging

Coffee grounds have a firming effect, shrink pores, prevent wrinkles extremely effectively. So, to keep the skin looking younger for longer, to combat the signs of aging, don't forget to apply coffee grounds regularly.

How effective beauty from coffee?

8. Helps hair shiny

Not only is it beneficial for the skin, helps to care for and remedy maximum blemishes on the skin, coffee grounds also prevent hair loss, hair breakage, help hair become stronger, sleek, minimize damage. Damaged, lumpy, helps return your shiny, healthy hair.

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