How does seasonal skin care help prevent skin aging?

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Are you sure your daily facial care routine is truly "up to date"? When the seasons change, skin is more sensitive than ever. Take note of the "golden" tips to ensure that your skin is provided with enough nutrients in the right season.

Women are also called women and women, women want to mean that they need to be loved and protected, and women are the privilege of women so women are free to make themselves beautiful. 

However, over time people are hard to avoid the law of aging, over the years the skin will gradually age, appear wrinkles, pigmentation, freckles ....leading to old age losing aesthetics.Therefore, you should know for yourself 5 ways to take care of your skin according to the seasons bring high efficiency to get the skin always smooth and smooth.

How does seasonal skin care help prevent skin aging?

Skin care in the summer

1. Keep skin clean

In the summer, the skin is more oily than normal and clogs pores. Therefore, you need to choose a deep cleaning product to remove all lubricants.

However, you should not abuse and it is best to only clean the skin 2 times / day to avoid dehydration or lack of moisture needed.

2. Moisture balance

We all know that cleansing the skin causes the skin to lose its moisture balance. Using cream is an effective solution in the process of adding moisture to the skin at this time. Especially for oily skin care, thanks to the deep water supply from the cream, oily skin also produces less oil.

At the same time, moisture balance also helps to create elasticity for the skin, reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture, prevent and prevent skin aging.

How does seasonal skin care help prevent skin aging?

3. Use eye cream daily

The eye is an extremely sensitive area of ​​skin because this is the area where the signs of aging often appear. Therefore, the use of eye cream is essential.

Eye cream will help the eye area become tight, elastic, reduce skin irritation and fatigue because it is provided with the necessary moisture.

Skin care in the winter

In addition to the steps of skin care applied like summer, the girls also need to note the following additional steps:

How does seasonal skin care help prevent skin aging?

1. Moisturize and hydrate skin

Naturally, the moisturizing step for the skin is the "immovable step" that every season needs. However, winters need to pay special attention to this issue. Apply an appropriate moisturizer right away for the skin right now so that the winter is no longer dry and won't cause skin breakouts.

2. Masking provides plenty of moisture to the skin

Masking is an indispensable step in skin care for women to provide moisture and nutrients, whiten and prevent wrinkles on the skin. Today, masks are formulated with active ingredients that improve some skin problems, developed from traditional beauty formulas and increasingly improved to suit different skin types. .

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