Horror movies that challenge you to watch alone

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Here is a list of the scariest, most haunting horror movies in Hollywood history.

For the horror movie believers, these are classic movies not to be missed.

Best horror movies 


Horror movies that challenge you to watch alone

One of the classic horror movies, the film revolves around a small girl who was physically occupied by the demon Pazuzu. With a creepy haunted face, disfigured parts of her body, one of the climax that made the hard fans also tremble was when she climbed on the ceiling like a spider. There aren't any computer tricks used for this movie.

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The monsters and demons in the film are invisible, but that reinforces the fear factor of the Poltergeist. The film focuses on a family moving to a remote place. But they could not find peace, as the supernatural forces in the new home sought the most vicious ways to intimidate them. Not only on-screen horror, the Poltergeist series is also haunted by a real-life crime, when the actress playing the eldest sister Dana was murdered by her boyfriend. Heather O’Rourke, who plays the youngest sister Carol Anne, died at age 12 after the failure of a surgery.

Evil Dead:

Horror movies that challenge you to watch alone

The horror film that made a hit in 1981 brought the audience to follow 5 young friends, when they decided to camp in a jungle hut. There, they find the Necronomicon book, and inadvertently summon evil spirits. They began to haunt one by one, until the main character of the story - Ash Williams had to kill his friends. In the picture is a scene from the 2013 remake.


One of the weirdest titles in the horror genre. The story begins with a crazy guy revived from the dead, he needs human blood to fully recover, so he asked his lover to seduce men for him. However, he is not the most scary guy in the movie. While reviving, he bumped into a forbidden box, opening a door to another world. The humanoid creatures coming out of here have the power to control the underworld, they delight in the torture of the zombie's soul before bringing him back to hell.

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Horror movies that challenge you to watch alone

Fear of clowns has never been old. What is more terrifying than a clown who always lurks under a sewer, seduces and eats children. Adapted from the work of the same name by "King of horror stories" Stephen King, the film promises to bring you ... the worst nightmares.

Dead Silence:

After the mysterious death of his wife, a husband decided to return to his hometown to uncover clues. There, he heard the legend of the puppeteer woman named Mary Shaw, along with her grim death. Despite being buried with his master, it seems that the puppets have, in turn, revived the grave, taking revenge on the murderers of Mary Shaw days ago. This is a movie not for doll afraid syndrome people!

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