Here, Hold My Beer While I Try Out This Really Stupid Idea

Uncategory May 09, 2018 09:00

The Pixar intro wasn't made for real people.

The new Pixar intro looks great

No one saw that coming!

He sure can jump

Great mileage on zero gallons of gas.

Dude wheres your car?

Genuine brilliance.

HMB, I'm playing a round of Rumba Pong

But will he stick the landing?

Whoa! Mad Skills!

Just wait for it.

HMB while I outrun the subway

Pound it brah.

Cop and biker bump in St. Louis streets

Technology has peaked.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Truly thriving.

HMB while we make this drunk guy a crowd favorite

Low hopes for any dude wearing a Lacoste shirt and yet I was happily surprised.

I'll hold my beer while I do a backflip

Is the video worth the potential broken leg? Yes, yes it is.

Precision water sliding

Skills employers only dream of.


Such a goodboi.

HMB from a man's best friend

Any useless skill eventually gets used.

Important Kayaking Skill


It ain't over till it's over

Fuck it, why not?

Roman candles and an attack drone.

And on that night, none of them got laid.

HMB while i spin my friends around.

He's still 40 above par.

Hold my beer so I can jump over this water hazard

RIP nuts.

Well that escalated quickly

Better move!

Snow rollin'

So manjestic.

that must hurt

Anything is more impressive in heels.

Skateboarding on her high heels

He's not known for being a criminal mastermind.

HMB while I try to make my escape

There is SO much going on here...

This gif just gets better...

Brain damage? What brain damage!

HMB while i try to do a somersault

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