Halloumi Fries Have Been Made Into Crisps And They're Only £1

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Everyone's into halloumi at the moment aren't they, me included. Remember the excitement of Aldi's halloumi fries?

But now, thanks to the guys over at Co-op, you can enjoy your hit of halloumi on the go, as they've introduced halloumi flavoured crisps.

The supermarket chain is now selling the crisps in store, and they have a hint of chilli for an extra kick. According to the brand, it is its own take on one of the most popular restaurant side dishes - and we cannot wait to try them.

Halloumi Fries Have Been Made Into Crisps And Theyre Only £1

Co-op says the potato tube-shaped crisps are packed full of the flavour of halloumi cheese and have a bit of chilli thrown into the mix for an extra kick. We've not tried them yet (sadly), but we're imagining halloumi flavoured Chipsticks. What is not to like?

The snack's already in-store, and at only £1 for a 100g bag they're a total steal. Although they're limited edition, according to Pretty 52, the new snack will be around all summer long.

The new flavour, which is likely to be a complete hit as everything halloumi related usually is, joins the Co-op's latest range, which also includes other new and unique flavours.

Some options include spiced coconut and chargrilled pineapple tortilla chips, which are priced at £1.70 per 150g bag.

Halloumi Fries Have Been Made Into Crisps And Theyre Only £1

These are described as a 'mildly spicy sweet potato tortilla chips seasoned with creamy coconut, sweet pineapple and on-trend yuzu'.

For meat-eaters, there's also the aromatic crispy duck and hoisin crisps in the same 150g bags for the same price.

These crisps are said to combine the classic flavours of Chinese-style crispy duck, hoisin sauce and spring onion.

If you've not satisfied your halloumi addiction, there are also lamb kofta and halloumi flatbread crisps, again priced at £1.70 for a 150g bag.

Co-op describes them as 'oven-baked flatbread crisps, seasoned with succulent roast lamb, halloumi, mint and spices'.

The supermarket also says that each crunch of the lamb kofta and halloumi flatbread crisps is 'bursting full of flavour'.

They'll probably be as popular as Aldi's infamous halloumi fries, but we're hoping we get chance to stockpile.

Aldi's fries, which were actual halloumi that you cooked in the oven, were so popular that the store had to limit its customers to two bags each and start rationing the snacks.

We'll race you there.

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