Hal And Lois From Malcolm In The Middle Reunite In Photo

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We're all suckers for a good bit of nostalgia, remembering those halcyon days of our youth when the biggest problem you faced each day was which cereal from the variety pack to go for.

Long before the pressures of bills, job interviews and car MOTs came along, we were able to while away the hours eating Doritos while flicking through kids' TV, hopping from The Simpsons to Hey Arnold! before catching up with Kenan and Kel.

Another classic TV show from that era was, of course, Malcolm in the Middle, which saw Frankie Muniz star as the titular character at the centre of dysfunctional, chaotic family life.

Hal And Lois From Malcolm In The Middle Reunite In Photo
Malcolm in the Middle. Credit: 20th Television

Well, the actors who played Malcolm's parents, Lois and Hal, have had a bit of a throwback of their own - having reunited for a photo together.

Bryan Cranston, who played Hal, posted the snap on Instagram, writing: "Hal & Lois together again. 
#malcolminthemiddle #networkonbroadway#broadway #theater #tv."

Jane Kaczmarek, who featured as his on-screen wife Lois, can be seen standing next to him with a big grin on her face.

Kaczmarek also shared the photo on her own Instagram, writing simply: "Amazing!"

Hal And Lois From Malcolm In The Middle Reunite In Photo
Hal and Lois, together again! Credit: Instagram

Cranston is currently starring in Network on Broadway, but this little nugget of nostalgia made us all remember his earlier days - before all that Breaking Bad stuff kicked off - when he appeared on our TV screens regularly as the fun-loving Hal.

Unsurprisingly, the photo sent Instagram into a bit of a frenzy, with many people commenting to say how it broughbacmemoriefrotheichildhood.

Onpersowrote:"You guys are my second parents honestly I've seen every episode 20 times thank you for everything."

Someone else said: "Oh my god, im crying seeing this. You guys looks good."

A third commented: "STOPPP MY HEART IS SO HAPPY!!!!!!"

Another person joked: "How are the kids doing?"

Others urged Cranston and Kaczmarek to use the photo to kickstart a real reunion - and a Malcolm in the Middle reboot, which might be pushing it slightly, but it's always worth an ask.

Someone begged: "Awww!!!! Make another season!!!!!"

Another wrote: "Reboot please @foxtv please it would kill and do so well or @netflix let's do it."

You heard the people, c'mon!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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