Guy Buys His Wife A New (Albeit Ugly) Car After She Keeps Totaling Her Own And She LOSES It

Articles Jun 28, 2018 10:00

Any parent who keeps buying their snot-nosed little brat a new BMW or whatever after shithead wrecks car after car is delusional. You’re not doing your kid a favor, you’re teaching them that mommy and daddy will come to the rescue anytime you fuck up. We need INDEPENDENT people in this country, not spoiled, entitled bitches who drop 500 feet the minute they try to fly out of the nest themselves. For example, if a guy buys his wife a new car and she loses it, you don't reward that behavior with yet another car.

Speaking of spoiled and entitled, here’s a woman who would’ve had her ass dumped on the street months ago:

For once, we have a trashy “Wurrrrllstahhhhh”-esque video that wasn’t filmed with a Nokia from the dark ages. And for once, not a single punch gets thrown and no weaves go flying; what a shock. But whereas I get to laugh at all those trashy videos where people lose their fucking minds over a pancake at IHOP, this one just makes me mad.

Guy Buys His Wife A New Car And She Loses It: Dump Her Ass To The Curb

Like, yo – this guy is taking abuse from HER? HER?!! Girl you are a four with the personality of a zero and the entitlement of a 10. The fact that this dude hasn’t dumped your ass on the street yet is either a testament to how stupid HE is, or…nah. The only acceptable explanation is that he’s as dumb as you are rude, because he knew going into this that you were going to throw a fit – and yet he’s STILL here. Guy must be colorblind too, because the fuck is that red weave? This ain’t Ronald McDonald school, though at the rate she’s going she’ll probably end up behind a counter flipping burgers soon anyway; maybe she’s just getting prepared?

Guy Buys His Wife A New (Albeit Ugly) Car After She Keeps Totaling Her Own And She LOSES It

The real problem here is that he’s enabling this shitty behavior. Dude should’ve refused to buy her a car after she totaled the last couple, and then when she pitched a fit he should’ve just drove off and left her ass to either drive that car home or walk. If people stopped being fucking pussies and called out shitty behavior when they saw it, the world would be a better place – and yet here we are, watching Dollar Store weave throw a fit because she can’t handle using her fucking turn signal correctly. This guy buys his wife a new car and she loses it, all because he doesn't have the nuts to tell her to fuck off.

God, I fucking hate everybody sometimes.

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