Gutsy Kid Fries Cam Newton Over His 2016 Super Bowl Fumble And Cam Is Not Havin’ It

Articles Jun 19, 2018 10:00

You could say that fate was the main reason that the Panthers lost to the Broncos during Super Bowl 50, or if you weren’t a horoscope-believing dolt you’d blame it all on Cam Newton:

And while it’s probably a safe bet to say that Cam has been beating himself up for that ever since, eventually time heals all wounds. Sure he wakes up in a cold sweat once or twice a month, but it’s better than crying in a bathroom stall at Chili’s whenever they re-play his fumble on ESPN.

Frying Cam Newton

But one ballsy kid at a high school football camp in Florida decided to stab Cam where it hurts, asking him “Hey Cam, can I get a fumble?” while another asked “What happened in the Super Bowl?”

“You gon’ do what?” Cam shoots back after locking eyes with the kid, who quickly backs down and tries to play it off like nothing.

Frankly, kid should’ve kept going – the fuck is Cam Newton gonna do to him? Dude already fucked up at the Super Bowl, it’s not like he’s trying to add assaulting a minor to his resume. And besides, even if he did punt that little fucker across the field it’d be the best thing to ever happen to him – that poor kid lives in Florida. He’s got a life of smoking meth in trailers ahead of him if he doesn’t make it out of the state, and a good ol’ kick to the head by Cam would at least win him some money in court.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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