Guess Which Burger King Is Going Viral For This Video Of Rats Running All Over Their Buns!

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Let’s get something straight here: you do not eating at Burger King because you care about yourself. The people standing in line to order may as well be in a Zoloft ad. And the staff standing behind the counter? Usually just another reason assisted mandatory suicide should become a practice in this country. What I’m trying to say is, most starving kids in Africa wouldn’t eat Burger King. Anytime I see someone waltz through their doors I immediately assume they’re either self-loathing or depressed.

Guess Which Burger King Is Going Viral For This Video Of Rats Running All Over Their Buns!

See? That dude is NOT living his best life.

But if surly employees and cardboard-flavored nuggets aren’t enough to get you to stop eating there, here’s a video of a bunch of rats running around inside the burger bun bags at a Burger King:

Burger King: Where you can have it your way!

Shantel Johnson, a resident of Wilmington, Delaware, uploaded the video last Thursday. Since being uploaded it's gone on to generate over 742,000 views and 22,000 shares. As for the Burger King location in question, inspectors shut down the Concord Pike location after discovering there was an “imminent health hazard” present…aka rats.

But let’s be honest here – if you’re eating at BK, you don’t care about rats on your burger buns. You are probably also the type of person who doesn’t believe in the 10 second rule, because most of the food you eat comes off the floor anyway.

So if you’re starving for the best Burger King has to offer, head on over to the Concord Pike location. It reopened on Monday, and Daily Mail reports that health officials also found rat droppings “throughout the restaurant, including near the ice machine, the water heater, under dry storage, and near syrup storage boxes” during their initial inspection.

Have it your way indeed.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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