Great mistakes when training plank that everyone is making

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If anyone mentions "abdominal exercises", the first move we think of is always plank. However, do not be subjective when doing plank exercises because you do not expect you to make so many mistakes.

For anyone who wants toned abs is not new to Plank. This is also known as the "sacred" movement of abdominal exercises, which helps to reduce belly fat and create muscle zones, increase the flexibility of muscle groups throughout the body, reduce back pain, improve good posture, physique ... However for this movement to be effective, practicing the right posture is the most important thing.

According to the spine scientist, maintaining the Plank position for longer than 10 seconds is not as beneficial as many people think. At the same time, fitness experts also point out the mistakes that everyone has made when plank training

4 common mistakes when training Plank

Raise your buttocks too high or too low

Most people tend to lift their butt when Plank, because it makes you feel more comfortable, but at the same time it also makes abdominal muscles have no chance to work. That will make your training significantly decrease. Remember, the right abdominal muscle is greasy to consume fat!

Similarly, raising the buttocks too high, lowering the buttocks and making the abdomen too close to the floor also make the abdominal muscles not work. Besides, it also forces the spine to buckle, causing spinal pain, joint and lower back.

Great mistakes when training plank that everyone is making
Most common exercise mistakes when training plank

Do not put your hand in a straight line

This is one of the most important considerations that coaches always remind practitioners when they begin planking. In order for the exercise to be effective and non-traumatic, you should straighten your arm perpendicular to the floor, so that the wrist forms a straight line with the shoulder. At that time, your shoulder muscles are activated and become a fulcrum, while protecting your arm joints from body pressure.

To make sure you don't make this mistake, adjust your arm by looking down at your wrist. If your wrist is reaching forward (or backward) too much, put strength against your leg and adjust your posture to the right position.

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Head and neck do not form straight lines with the body

When practicing Plank, lowering the head will affect the "divine straight line". Look forward and keep your neck relaxed to reduce pressure on your shoulders and upper back and help you squeeze your abs better.

Great mistakes when training plank that everyone is making
Avoiding common push up mistakes when plaining plank

Similar to lowering your head, raising your head puts pressure on your neck and spine, causing back pain. The easiest way to avoid this mistake is to relax your body. Try to adjust your neck to balance your spine, stretch your broad shoulders away from your ears by extending your arms to your shoulders.

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Plank too long

Many people often think that the longer you keep your body in a plank position, the better.In fact, this only increases pressure on the shoulders and makes your body more vulnerable to injury.According to bodybuilding experts, the time to hold the plank should be from 30s to 120s.Longer practice is absolutely unnecessary.

Great mistakes when training plank that everyone is making
How to do a Perfect Plank Pose?

  McGill - a doctor who specializes in preventing back injuries in spinal problems - shared: "Basically, holding the plank position for 10 seconds but repeating is the best option for normal people and It does not matter how long you hold the Plank position but it is important that you activate the correct muscle while performing Plank. ".   Maybe you're interested in 12 Variations Of Planks To Gain Each Muscle Group On Your Body   Do you find yourself making mistakes when practicing the above Plank? If so, please fix it quickly, or it will greatly affect your backbone as well as the effectiveness of the exercise. Practicing not only takes care, it also needs to be right!

The method of practicing plank effectively

Plank is very easy to perform, just follow the instructions below:

  • Lie on your stomach
  • Resist 2 perpendicular elbows under shoulder.
  • Lift up 2 toes.
  • Lift up the body and keep the back, hips, neck in a straight line.
  • Eyes looking straight ahead, taking deep breaths and taking light breaths
  • Hold position for 30 seconds or more.

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