Good habits to do in the summer so you don't have to worry about getting sick

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In the summer, the weather is hot and harsh, the eating and drinking, the irregular exercise and the pressure work will make you exhausted a lot. Do these 6 things to stay healthy and prevent disease.

In the summer, the weather gets hotter and makes people feel very uncomfortable. Many people in the summer love to drink cold drinks, drinks that add ice, do everything to bring about a cooling sensation, such as eating ice cream and cold drinks, just because you want to refresh in a moment.

Although eating ice cream and drinking cold drinks may temporarily alleviate thirst, if the use of cold and cold drinks lasts a long time, it will cause great harm to the body. In fact, in the summer, we also have to learn more about health in order for science to become healthy.

So what can be done to stay healthy throughout the summer and prepare yourself well for the following winter? Here are some of the doctors' advice for everyone.

Good habits to do in the summer so you dont have to worry about getting sick

Good habits to do in the summer

1. Pay attention to the daily detoxify heat

Temperatures in the summer are often very high, and people's health is more susceptible to greater effects in the summer, making the body more irritable, excited, hot-tempered and uncomfortable.

Therefore, the heat and detoxify the body is extremely necessary, helping us become more comfortable.

Advice for you to use cool foods, Eastern medicine recommends choosing peppermint, honeysuckle, chamomile and other oriental medicine or tea to achieve cooling effect and type Hot in the heart.

Good habits to do in the summer so you dont have to worry about getting sick

2. Good kidney care and stable lung nourishment

In summer, the weather is hot like a pan full of fire, so the lungs and kidneys are easily affected by high temperatures, intense workload, excessive physical exertion. During this season, we need to pay special attention to nutrition and health care for the lungs and kidneys.

Eating foods that are good for your lungs, exercising properly, increasing massages, massaging your body are suggestions that doctors recommend every day.

Good habits to do in the summer so you dont have to worry about getting sick

3. Maintain a gentle, easy-going, frugal diet

In the summer, the outdoor temperatures are so high that it makes the body sweat easily, and the cravings are reduced, the hotter it is, the less you want to eat, the more nutritious it becomes, health will also be worse.

At this stage, a frugal and gentle diet is extremely suitable for you. Foods that are cool, easily digested, tasteless or have a high water content should be preferred. You can split meals to eat more times a day.

In addition, you should not eat food that is too greasy. You should drink plenty of water and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Good habits to do in the summer so you dont have to worry about getting sick

4. Winter disease should be treated in the summer

In the summer, the human body and external yang are relatively strong. At this time, you can use traditional Chinese medicine to promote health and can perform acupuncture according to traditional medicine methods to correct some prone diseases that occur in the winter.

You can go to Eastern medicine clinics for more advice on proactive health care, creating the basis for the best fitness in the summer, when the winter comes, your health is good, you will not worry about being susceptible to infection.

There is a simple way that you can use high medications or hot patches, apply to acupuncture points under the guidance of a physician, can maintain a smooth meridians system, prevent some diseases can occur. in the winter like wheezing, asthma, respiratory disease.

Good habits to do in the summer so you dont have to worry about getting sick

5. Exercise properly, regularly, moderately

It must be said that this is essential for you to schedule your exercise properly whenever possible. However, in the summer, the amount of exercise should not be too much or too heavy, you can not exercise too strong compared to your physical condition.

The advice for exercise is to maintain regular, moderate and appropriate exercise, so do gentle exercise with little sweat. Those who like to exercise in the summer can choose Yoga, walking, cycling and some other subjects to exercise.

In addition to some of the tips mentioned above, special attention should be paid to prevention and health care in the summer, frequent hand washing, hygiene and food safety, and not eating cold foods.

In addition, due to rising temperatures in the summer, bacterial diseases will also reproduce and spread in large numbers. If you do not pay attention to the prevention, you may have skin, gastrointestinal and other diseases.

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