Girl Who Dresses Up Like Baby For Sexual Kink Says She Doesn’t Have ‘Daddy Issues’

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And you know what? I believe her – but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Meet Jess the “Binkie Princess.” As you can see, Jess isn’t like most other 23-year-olds in that her hair is pink and she has a YouTube channel with over 160,000 subscribers. Oh, and she also likes dressing up and acting like a baby, diaper included. Can’t believe I almost forgot that part! Once I got into the meat of that video above my brain started short circuiting and I left my computer to slam my head in a door a couple dozen times, so I’m sorry for the temporary memory loss.

Girl Who Dresses Up Like Baby For Sexual Kink Says She Doesn’t Have ‘Daddy Issues’

Anyhoo, Jess uses her YouTube channel to show what her life as an “adult baby” is like – from her bedtime routine (gag) to the types of clothes she buys as a baby (gag) and even her boyfriend, Stephen, whom I was going to make a joke about having no soul…

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…but now that I get a good look at him he looks like just the type of dude who’d be into this. Color me unsurprised for $100, Alex.

And while you and I sit here and judge Jess to the moon and back (justifiably, of course), she argues that her lifestyle is more “normal” than people think.

“During the day I’ll just be me – normal, adult me,” she explains to LADbible. “I work full time, I do my YouTube channel, streaming and other stuff like that. I have my own website, and then I also have other hobbies. I like to do art, I like to sing – just normal things.”

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“That’s one of the biggest misconceptions, with people telling me that I’m not an adult – I don’t have a job, I think I’m a baby, I don’t do anything, I can’t take care of myself, but a lot of the time I’m very independent. I can cook my own meals, I drive, I do laundry, I dress myself, I take care of myself.”

Well whoop-da-fuckin’-doo Jess. You want applause for functioning at the most basic level possible? I’ve seen kids on Hoarders do all that while wading through mountains of human feces because the water got turned off back in ’99. I can cook food, drive, wash my clothes and do all that shit without dressing up like a baby in my spare time, yet no claps for me; this is either a wake-up call for Jess sounding tone-deaf, or a sign that it’s time for me to start getting my Gerber baby on if I want easy compliments and Instagram followers.

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But Jess’ point isn’t that she’s a competent adult (are we millennials so pathetic that this has become a crowning achievement?) – it’s that her Adult Baby/Diaper Lover (ABDL) lifestyle is “more of an added element to her day-to-day routine” rather than a 24/7 shit-my-pants-clean-me-daddy thing. “I’ve been with my current boyfriend now for almost a year,” she explains. “It’s definitely a lot different to my previous relationship because I have a boyfriend now who actually cares about it like I do. It is a daily thing, but it’s not an all-day constant.” “When we’re not interacting in that way, we have a perfectly normal, healthy relationship. Obviously there’s more to it than just that – I don’t think anyone could stay in a relationship based off of just one thing.”

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"It provides an extra dynamic for us, and it's more of a comfort thing. It's nice to have someone care for you and do it purely because they want to and enjoy it. And he likes the trust that I put into him, he likes being able to care for me, he likes the vulnerability that I'm willing to give him. It makes him feel needed and special.”

"So it's kind of give and take. It's perfect in a way, because what he wants to give me I want to take from him, and vice versa."

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As for how Jess got into her ADBL lifestyle, she says it’s not because she’s a survivor of past sexual abuse. “Yes I do have that kind of past trauma, but at the same time I feel like even if that didn’t happen I would still be doing this,” she explains.

“I don’t feel like I’m doing this to cope. I never really think about it. It’s not this healing thing because this is just what I do with my life. I mean, I’m not going to sit there and say there definitely isn’t some kind of link – but it’s also not to say that everyone who does this does so because they were abused and are coping with it.”

Oddly enough, I believe Jess – some people just like doing weird shit. You ever watch My 600 Lb. Life? A lot of those people had past traumas that led them to cope with their emotions by eating; some of them are just pieces of shit who like eating. But even though nothing bad happened to them they still wound up tipping the scales at 600+ pounds – who’s to say Jess wouldn’t be right where she is today regardless of what happened in her past?

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Jess goes on to sort of level with us and admit that while she doesn’t believe she’s one of the cases where the ABDL lifestyle is used to cope, they do exist – “I’m not going to sit there and say that there definitely isn’t some kind of link – but it’s also not to say that everyone who does this does so because they were abused and are coping with it.” “There are people in this community who have great parents, great family life and have never had issues, and they are still doing it so it's like I just don't want to perpetuate the idea that you have to have actual daddy issues to be into this." And while the invention of the Internet has helped to normalize the ABDL lifestyle (to an extent), Jess does note that there are still loads of problems that come along with it. “The thing about it that's not so great is that some of them are under 18 trying to be in these relationships - which is very illegal," she explained.

"We're all trying to educate people and say, 'If you're not of legal age, you're not able to legally consent to BDSM. It's dangerous.”

But in the end, she leaves us with a few quick words of wisdom – “No one is defined by their kinks. Your kink is all that you are as a human? No, that’s ridiculous.”

Surprisingly deep words out of…

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…well, this.

Who’d have thought I’d ever be taking advice from a girl who spends a hefty chunk of her day dressed up like a baby or pretending to be a dog?

The world is just full of fucking surprises.

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