Girl Loses Over 200 Pounds And Becomes Stupid Hot As A ‘Message To All The Men’ Who Said She Was Ugly

Uncategory Jul 20, 2018 10:00

Simone Anderson was once over 350 pounds.

But in August of 2014 Simone decided it was time for a change…

…and so between a gastric sleeve surgery plus a rigorous diet and workout plan, she was able to lose over 200 pounds.

“I had a food addiction and it needed to change, or I would be bed-bound by 30 and have no life at all,” she recalls.

“How was I going to keep myself accountable this time?”

“How was I going to make this a life-long change?”

“I started with simple changes like cutting out processed foods…

…and adding in an hour walk or swim every day.”

“Then a few months in I was doing everything I could, but hunger still controlled my world so I investigated weight loss surgery options.”

After shedding the weight, Simone began looking into her options with removing all the excess skin she’d been left with.

She first had an abdominoplasty, bra line back life, and breast lift in 2015.

The whole procedure took 10 hours, and cost a whopping $20,000.

But it appears to have been money well spent, as Simone took to her Instagram to rave about her results.

“This is a message to all the men that told me I was unattractive and ugly for years…

…just because of the number I weighed on the scales.”

“Weight doesn’t define a person, but an ugly heart will follow you forever.”

“I can lose weight…that personality is for life.”

And while Simone’s life is clearly trending upwards, there are still online trolls who try to bring her down every day.

“I have had many women sending my nasty messages, telling me I am disgusting for sharing the image on the right [a swimsuit photo],” she writes.

“I shared images of my body my entire journey, documenting all angles and positions of my body and loving every single one.”

“Why can’t I appreciate and love my body now?”

“Why should I have to be ashamed of a body I have worked on for hours daily to achieve?”

“A body I have been through hours of surgery with, and immense pain to achieve?”

“No matter what size, what shape, what pant size you are…

…you are worthy of your own love, all equally.”

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