Girl Lies About Husband Who Is ‘Fighting’ Wildfires To Swindle $11,000 In Donations

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You’d think it would be pretty easy to get into heaven – just live your life without being a massive cock to the people around you. We all like to kid about how people are going to hell whenever they do something annoying, but in general, most behave well enough that they’ll be able to fist-bump ol’ JC when they reach the pearly gates

But not Ashley Bemis. She’s going straight to hell.

Girl Lies About Husband Who Is ‘Fighting’ Wildfires To Swindle $11,000 In Donations

28-year-old Ashley Bemis is the sort of person who adopts a dying kid just to spoil the Make-A-Wish day on herself. Ashley Bemis is the kind of chick who says “I’m not hungry” and then eats half the food on your plate, and then afterwards when she farts she blames it on you. And while these are all hypothetical situations, there ARE allegations that she tricked people into donating money to her by making up a story about how her firefighter husband was off fighting California’s wildfires.

According to Daily Mail, Ashley Bemis posted a message to her Facebook page on August 10th, claiming that her husband, Shane Goodman, was a firefighter at the front lines of recent wildfires and that he needed supplies. People began donating air mattresses, baby wipes, food, clothing, and more after seeing the post, which Ashley bolstered with photos and an elaborate story.

“Shane works for Cal Fire and is out on the Holy Fire right now,’ Ashley explained. “I also have two other family members and many friends out on this fire and other fires burning here in California. I received a text today from Shane saying it’s pretty much a living hell out there battling the unpredictable ‘Holy Hell Fire.’”

Girl Lies About Husband Who Is ‘Fighting’ Wildfires To Swindle $11,000 In Donations

Ashley Bemis received $11,000 worth of supplies as well as thousands of dollars in actual money, but after a week passed people began contacting the police with their suspicions: One of them, Quinn Bork, told investigators in San Clemente that in 2012 he and his wife, Starla, threw a baby shower for Bemis.

Months later, the couple learned that Bemis faked the pregnancy so that she could take the gifts she received and sell them.

Starla Bork spent several hundred dollars to throw the baby shower, Quinn Bork told police.

‘It was money she really couldn’t afford but she wanted to help Ashley,’ Quinn Bork told investigators. Hospital officials had no record of Ashley Bemis being a patient, nor did any neighboring hospitals – leading Quinn to realize they’d been scammed.

As for her current claims, investigators have found that there are no California fire fighters named Shane Goodman, with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson confirming that “he doesn’t exist.” In fact, Ashley Bemis isn’t even married, nor does she have any children – real, adopted, or imaginary.

Police are still looking into Ashley Bemis, however they’re hoping that anyone who donated to her will come forward. “We’re hoping the community will do a good job of coming forward for us so we're able to present the best case possible [to the Orange County district attorney’s office] to hold this individual accountable for her actions,” a law enforcement spokesperson said.

As of Monday, Ashley has not been arrested or charged with any crimes, and she is reportedly cooperating with the investigation – maybe she’s got a chance at redemption after all?

Girl Lies About Husband Who Is ‘Fighting’ Wildfires To Swindle $11,000 In Donations

Just kidding -- I doubt it.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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