Get lost at the Kornati Islands, Croatia

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The Croatian Kornati Islands National Park, located in Northern Dalmatia, represents the densest group of islands throughout the Mediterranean.

This true maze of sea and rock includes 152 uninhabited islands with an area of only 70 km2.

Travel to the Kornati Islands

The Kornati Islands are the bluest corner of the Adriatic Sea. With its exceptionally clear waters, sunbeams, numerous coves, Kornati is a must-visit destination for rowers on the Adriatic Sea.

Get lost at the Kornati Islands, Croatia

One of the most impressive natural phenomena on Kornati is the cliffs facing the sea. Since ancient times, the cliffs have been called the crowns and that is probably what ‘Kornati’ means. The cliffs are 161 meters high and 90 meters deep. The crown cliffs of this archipelago park offer great views over the Adriatic Sea and its islands.

In addition to the cliffs and unusual shapes of the islands, another attraction in Kornati is the Strait of Mala and Vela Proversa between Kornat, Katina and Dugi Otok islands.

Get lost at the Kornati Islands, Croatia

Traveling to Kornati for the first time, you will certainly notice hundreds of meters of so-called "dry stone walls". The local ancestors built them with their own hands to preserve the soil and protect their pastures, that is, to prevent sheep from moving from pasture to pasture. On some islands, the length of these walls is up to 70 km.

The center of activity on these islands was once the Tarac plains, with the Fort Tureta, built around 6 AD. You can also find the church of Our Lady of Tarac. It is built on the remains of a Christian church from the 16th century.

Get lost at the Kornati Islands, Croatia

You can visit the Kornati Islands by boat or arrange a guided tour, or you can include it on your guided tour from other nearby cities. Although the islands are remote and undeveloped compared to other Croatian destinations, there are many activities that nature and sea lovers will enjoy.

You can take a boat tour to Kornati National Park from nearby cities such as Zadar. These boat trips often take you to the island’s highlights such as Tureta Fort, bays and lakes. If you're somehow sailing on the waters yourself, you'll need to buy a ticket to sail through the park.

Whether you reach the Kornati Islands via an organized boat tour or on your own, there's no extra charge for snorkeling in the waters. The entrance fee to the park will allow you to snorkel as much as you like. Divers are not allowed to touch anything or take anything out of the sea. There is also a limit for diving at night, so the area is closed for divers from 7 PM to 7 AM, for safety reasons.

Get lost at the Kornati Islands, Croatia

Some visitors simply prefer to soak in the water and swim freely. So, if you don't like diving, you can wear your swimsuits and go swimming in the sea. The great thing about swimming here is that it is unlike the usual beaches in Croatia which are often very crowded. You have more privacy here even during the peak tourist seasons, and you can enjoy a relaxing swim with no one around staring at you you.

Walking in the Kornati Islands is a fun and moderately easy activity. You don't need to be an experienced climber to go up its hills, but if you want to climb higher cliffs, you need to be experienced. If you are visiting the park during the summer season, be aware that it can be very hot and some people can't stand the heat. You should have appropriate equipment such as hats, sunscreen and other sun protection measures to protect your skin because there is not much shade in those areas.

Get lost at the Kornati Islands, Croatia

Whether you're swimming in the ocean or walking up a cliff, the sight of dry-stone walls will captivate you. Out of all the handcrafted artifacts in Kornati Croatia, these walls are the most impressive and also have the most historical significance.

Although the Kornati Islands are not the city of Dubrovnik with majestic castles and cathedrals, it has its own defensive structures dating back to ancient times like the Fort Tureta. This is the most important fortress among the islands that has stood there since the Byzantine period. Like many defensive structures in Croatia and in the Dalmatian region, the fort was built for military purposes. People have used it to protect lands and control sea traffic in this area of the Adriatic Sea.

Get lost at the Kornati Islands, Croatia

Among the many cultural sights inside Croatia Kornati National Park is the Church of Our Lady of Tarac. This the medieval building is a small structure but it has quite impressive design.

The island of Kornati offers a gentle yet captivating experience.

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