Frisky Couple Caught On Video Having Sex On Roof Of Four-Story Building

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Some people just weren’t made for the bedroom. When it comes to having sex in public you’ve got to be smart – your location can’t be anywhere you’ll easily be arrested, and ideally you’re both quick enough that you can wham-bam-thank-you-m’am before anyone finds you. Vacant construction projects, parking lots, the woods – all good choices because you probably won’t get caught.

And while I think that’s great advice, one frisky couple is over here cracking the goddamn code to boning in the great outdoors:

Caught by an eyewitness with a smartphone (alright, maybe they only cracked half of the code…) in Ukraine, the couple is seen having sex on a sloped roof of a four-story building. Did I mention that you don’t want to fuck anywhere that can accidentally kill you? For instance: gorilla enclosures (RIP Harambe) and sloped roofs where you can mistakenly roll over the edge and die.

“From there opens a beautiful view of the old Lviv, but this young couple was clearly not interested,” the cameraman narrates. “As soon as the lovers noticed the audience, they rushed very quickly. But the main thing is that everyone is alive.”

Frisky Couple Caught On Video Having Sex On Roof Of Four-Story Building

Novelty sex: worth it or no?

Sadly, if you watch the video 10x in a row like I just did, it doesn't look like the couple are having much fun up there. Most "novelty" sex is overrated anyway. Boning in the shower is never as sexy or fun as it looks in the movies, and doing anal after eating Mexican food is a one-way ticket to Shart City. Honestly, they did just enough to get me hooked, but not enough to make me come back for the sequel.

As for WHO the lovers are, no one has confirmed or recognized them -- though the video of their romp isn’t done going viral.

Have you ever had sex somewhere crazy, even possibly dangerous? Keep that information to yourself or share it with me at, and if it's good enough I'll share it on the site :)

[H/T Mirror]

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