Former Texas Educator Admits She Lost Her Virginity To An Underage Student

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Most people don’t give a shit about their virginity unless they’ve gotten old enough to realize they can sell it online to rich businessmen overseas. Others think it’s special because they don’t realize that literally everybody is born with it – having a nose does not make you special, the same way that not having sex until you’re 24 makes you sound like a hermit instead of “pure.”

But to each their own, you know? Do it for religious reasons, do it for personal reasons, I don’t really care – you just can’t be boinkin’ underage kids when you think you’re ready to get rid of it. Yet Hannah Parisa Siboyeh, a 24-year-old former employee at Labay Middle School in Houston, somehow missed the memo.

Former Texas Educator Admits She Lost Her Virginity To An Underage StudentAccording to KCRA, Hannah Siboyeh was a “paraprofesisonal” at Labay when an assistant principal at a neighboring school in the district received a tip that she had been having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student. According to the tipster, he or she had been visiting the unnamed student’s house when they saw the boy and Siboyeh in bed together and that “weird noises would be coming from the room.” He or she had also seen them sharing photos on Snapchat previously, which only added to their suspicions.

Former Texas Educator Admits She Lost Her Virginity To An Underage Student

Police then pulled Hannah Siboyeh for an interview in which she told investigators that her illicit relationship with the underage student was “one mistake after another,” and that she had lost her virginity to him in the summer of 2017 when she was still 24; even more witnesses from the school confirmed that Hannah Siboyeh and the student were in a “boyfriend and girlfriend” type of relationship. Charging documents stated that “she admitted that she loved [the boy] with all her heart” and that the pair had had sex at the boy’s house as well as a local park and at a Houston hotel.

Hannah Siboyeh has since been removed from Labay Middle School, and after a hearing on Monday the court determined that in order to remain out on bond, she had to stay away from the boy and his family, and remain at least 200 feet away from any child care facility or school where the boy could be. Her next court date has yet to be announced, though the school district has issued a statement on the scandal: "Authorities notified us last spring of an alleged inappropriate relationship between a Labay Middle School paraprofessional staff member and a former student. Due to the seriousness of the allegation, the staff member was immediately removed from campus. Law enforcement conducted a full investigation that led to an off-campus arrest. These actions are not representative of Labay Middle School or CFISD employee standards of conduct."

#BREAKING - Middle school employee Hannah Siboyeh leaves court in tears. Prosecutors say she lost her virginity to a 15 year old student. She told police she was in love with him and even rented hotel rooms to have sex with him -> #abc13 #hounews

— Steve Campion (@SteveABC13) September 10, 2018 [H/T KCRA]

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