For An Obituary This Bad, You Had To Have Been A REAL Crappy Mother

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As Mother’s Day has already passed and Father’s Day is approaching rapidly, let us all take a minute to remember that not all mothers and fathers are worthy of your love and affection. I’m sure YOU are a good mom or dad, but think of all the other parents you know who have kids that go to school with yours – I bet some of them are real shitbags. I’m talking about the kinds of parents who probably can't remember their kids' names let alone spell the word "obituary;" I'm talking about the ones who are clueless…  

…who think dressing their kids up like day shift strip club DJs is a good idea…  

…and, well, this lady.  

Just because you and I were blessed with a normal upbringing by parents who still have all their teeth and can count past 12, doesn’t mean everybody else was so lucky.

Case in point? Kathleen Dehmlow.

For the record, I don’t know Kathleen at all. Kathleen could be a genuine saint, or she could be a cock-punching Hellbeast spawned from Satan’s chocolate starfish – the only people who know her well enough to tell us which it is are her kids Gina and Jay, both of whom HATE this old fart.

For An Obituary This Bad, You Had To Have Been A REAL Crappy Mother

To be fair to Gina and Jay, Kathleen sounds like a real piece of work. I wonder if she was nicer to her third kid than she was to them? Or maybe that kid grew up to be a giant fartwad too. And I’ve got to point out the casual shade the kids threw at Kathleen with the photo they chose – like, the newspaper probably wouldn’t let them choose an outright AWFUL picture, so they went with one where it looks like her dementia was acting up.

Let this be a lesson learned: if you’re going to have kids, don’t shit on them. And if you DO shit on them, don’t let them write your obituary.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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