Footage shows a Bear Breaks Into House And Steals Family's Food

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A brown bear broke into a house in California in the middle of the night and threw itself a midnight banquet while the family was asleep upstairs.

Most of us are used to unwelcome house guests rocking up every now and again, whether it's one of those obscene thick-legged spiders or your landlord 'just popping in'. But one family on holiday in Lake Tahoe didn't have to deal with any creepy crawlies or nosy landlords - they had a bear to contend with.


A bear. Which had somehow not only managed to get into their home while they were sleeping, but also break into the fridge for a little midnight feast.

Amanda Habrun, 32, was staying in her aunt's house in Lake Tahoe, California, with her husband and their two kids.

They came downstairs on 24 June to find that things weren't quite as they left them the night before, with the doors mysteriously flung open and 'food everywhere'.

After checking footage from their Nest home security camera, they soon realised that the culprit was actually a bear - and a greedy one at that.

"The bears in Tahoe are apparently able to open doorsand we accidentally left them unlocked for the night," Amanda told LADbible.

"We realized he was in there when my aunt got up in the morning - the doors were open and there was food everywhere. Then we checked the camera."

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Footage shows a Bear Breaks Into House And Steals Familys Food
Here's the culprit. Credit: LADbible

Amanda continued: "None of us heard it downstairs. It stayed for a little over an hour, it was super quiet.

"We had our two kids upstairs, and they are five and four, so that was a little scary!"

Somehow, the bear managed to open up their fridge, which was when its grand feast began.

"We have no idea how it opened the fridge, but it opened the big fridge, freezer and the drinks fridge," Amanda said.

"It came in and sat on the counter and peeled and ate avocado, left the pit and the peels. Tried some bites of peach - he didn't like those - then went over to the fridge and ate all the cherries.

"It opened the freezer drawer and took out gallons of ice cream with his teeth. Ate all of the ice cream. All the neighbors say that bears love ice cream."

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Footage shows a Bear Breaks Into House And Steals Familys Food
Amanda Habrun with her husband and kids. Credit: Amanda Habrun

Amazingly, the bear still wasn't finished, as Amanda said it 'went and punched a hole in the party mix bin and ate some of that'.

"He tried some healthy organic meals from the freezer and hated those - apparently bears do not care about their waistline," she joked.

"Then he got a little thirsty and decided to head over to the drinks fridge and rooted through that to find the margarita mix. He could not open that, so he punched his nails through it and shotgunned the whole thing."

Around an hour later, the bear eventually left - though not before taking 'some heavy whipping cream as a roadie'. Seriously, this bear is a creature after my own heart.

"We have heard horrible stories from the neighbors that the bears come in destroy the house and poop everywhere," Amanda added.

"We had a super nice bear who was quiet, clean, gentle - and apparently Mexican since he liked avocado and margaritas!"

I imagine they'll remember to lock the doors from now on...

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