Foods that reduce calcium in the body but many people do not know

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Prefer eating too much fish meat, drinking soft drinks, ... are eating habits that can lead to calcium depletion in the body.

Normally over the age of 35, the rate of bone density reduction will be faster than production. Without proper calcium supplementation, it is easy to get osteoporosis later in life.

"Calcium plays a very diverse role in the body. In addition to maintaining strong bones, calcium is also responsible for regulating muscles and maintaining electrolyte levels in the blood." Su Yanchen, a nutritionist at the Northern Teaching Hospital. "If the body's calcium is not enough, it is not only prone to osteoporosis, cramps, and fatigue but also restless leg syndrome."

According to the World Health Organization's recommendation, the daily calcium intake of adults is 800mg. Although dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt are rich in calcium, not all calcium in the stomach can be used by the body.

If you are a sedentary middle-aged office worker, the elderly, menopausal women and other high-risk groups prone to calcium loss, you must be especially careful about these 4 habits or you will suffer " steal calcium "without even knowing it.

Foods that reduce calcium in the body but many people do not know

Foods that reduce calcium in the body

1. Entering menopause but don't want to quit coffee

According to epidemiological data, previous studies have found that for women aged 20-50, caffeine intake is not associated with bone loss and fracture rates, but if older women often drink more than 4 cups of coffee a day and a habit of smoking is likely to affect bone density.

Li Bingying, a doctor at the Pediatrics Department of National Taiwan University Hospital, believes that drinking too much coffee in the elderly may be linked to osteoporosis, but if moderate calcium intake is possible, ignore this effect.

Foods that reduce calcium in the body but many people do not know

2. Eat a lot of meat and fish

Normally after 35 years of age, the rate of bone loss will be faster than production, this gradually reduces bone density. This normal bone loss is called "bone deficiency".

If you are a person who regularly eat a lot of fish meat and an unbalanced diet, it is very easy to accelerate the rate of calcium loss due to eating too much protein food. Nutritionist Su Yanchen points out that the amount of phosphorus in protein foods is usually higher. The body will excrete too much phosphorus from the urine. During the excretion of phosphorus, it will be excreted with calcium. If there is not enough calcium in the blood, calcium will be taken in the bones, thus increasing the amount of calcium lost.

Foods that reduce calcium in the body but many people do not know

3. Add calcium and iron at the same time

"If you want to take calcium and iron supplements at the same time, calcium cannot be absorbed effectively," said Cai Yixian, director of the nutrition department at MaKai Memorial Hospital. The component responsible for transporting calcium in the body is the same as that in iron-induced cells. If both must be transported at the same time, it will have to race to transport, affecting the speed of calcium absorption. Therefore, eat foods high in calcium at one meal, foods high in iron at another and alternating to really eat enough nutrients.

Foods that reduce calcium in the body but many people do not know

4. Do not drink water but drink carbonated beverages

Carbonated beverages are also foods high in phosphorus. If you don't drink water when you're thirsty, but drink carbonated beverages to quench your thirst, your body will not be able to replenish water, but easily absorb too much phosphorus and lose calcium.

Hyperparathyroidism (also called hyperparathyroidism) is a disease caused by an overactive parathyroid gland and causes a high level of calcium in the blood. Parathyroid glands are 4 small glands located in the neck, near the thyroid. This is the place to control the calcium balance in the body. When the amount of calcium drops too low, these glands produce a parathyroid hormone (PTH) to return calcium to normal levels.

Untreated hyperparathyroidism can lead to osteoporosis, kidney stones, high blood pressure, inflammation (swelling) of the pancreas or stomach ulcers.

Foods that reduce calcium in the body but many people do not know

Calcium + vitamin D + moderate exercise = strong bones

Once the bone is lost, it is difficult to recover completely. Dietitians recommend that when you are young, you should build strong bones as soon as possible. In addition to moderate calcium supplementation and less food that hinders calcium absorption, sun exposure and vitamin D can assist with calcium absorption. Moderate and regular exercises such as jogging and brisk walking can lock calcium in the bones and increase bone density effectively.

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